Computer, internet, email, and telephone glitches and anomalies…




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Within the past 2 months or with newly opened accounts, ALL of my emails (Gmail, Tutanota, Protonmail – the latter two of which I pay for; and I understood their ‘sole purpose’ was to protect privacy and secure one’s emails), have suddenly changed to a time setting 5 hours ahead. This not only throws me off, but it affects my record-keeping and can skew the date, as with my email below. I have tried adjusting the time settings through online support, with no success. But that is just the ‘tip of the iceberg,’ in terms of service anomalies and failings. I have emailed myself from my iPhone’s email to either upload or transfer media files that I’ve been struggling to backup or post to my blog – and yet, completely different photos arrive in the 2nd email account, or only half the images I sent actually arrive in my blog’s media folder.)

First 24 hours Since Launching My Blog (video to come)…

November 18, 2019 – 5:45PM

– Was attempting to create a ‘WORK’ page to begin recording work anomalies, key players, unfair treatment, points of interest

November 18, 2019 – 8:33PM

– Exploring general sites on internet privacy. In trying to copy and paste them to my blog, I get repeated errors, as below.


November 18, 2019 – 10:02PM

While working all evening on my new blog, – and also exploring privacy sites, media outlets, and Canadian government webpages – I received a phone call from my father on my NEW cellphone (as my other one started malfunctioning the very next day, after I circulated a detailed email about hacking on my phone – and that email has disappeared from my Gmail account, both Inbox and Sent folder).

As my father and I spoke, an echo-y sound began, which I know from my previous surveillance experiences 15 years ago, that is one sign of someone hacking into the line. Minutes later, our connection got cut. My father called back and said, ‘Problems with your phone again?’

We continued to talk, and whatever I said to my father was echoed back to me. However, I have just switched to Rogers, so there shouldn’t be any reception problems.

I will be posting more about phone anomalies soon…


NOTE: I have just discovered someone has accessed and edited my blog with repeated grammar mistakes (Nov. 27/19). Will post a snapshot here, shortly.

While composing ‘Tampering, Theft, Threats‘ page…

November 27, 2019 – 12:45AM to 2:31AM

While writing the ‘Tampering, Theft, Threats‘ page, my brand new (albeit free) iPhone is blocking me from copying or uploading files and images; and I was unable to access my privacy email account at

Tuta login err 11-27-19 at 07.30 AM 001

Note: When Google first launched its email provider,, in 2004, I warned about its implications, as I had already been under surveillance for some time and realized what pervasive and invasive data collection could mean for people everywhere. You can read the bare facts of what data behemoth Google collects, here:

Creating a CanadaTruth Email Address

The disinformation campaign can happen so quickly. While writing this post, I just created a couple of email accounts for CanadaTruth on, and half an hour later, I tried to create this one below, but it’s now been taken. I have every reason to doubt anyone else is using this tagline, much less on a still-relatively unknown email provider like

2 email proton CT - 12-01-19 at 04.21 AMI can say this with a fair amount of certainty because I’ve had a chance to survey the landscape over many years, and investigative truth and privacy rights activism are not much of a priority in Canada. For example, this is what I found on Twitter for privacy + Canada:

Twitter privacycanada 11-18-19 at 10.50 PM 001


Email Interception

This is reaching back in time, but I always half-hoped and assumed that my emails were reaching their destination. There is discussion on the internet about ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks.
As of last night – November 30/19 – I have good reason to believe that my email circular about this blog did not reach any or all of the intended parties. Thanks Gmail!
But after 15-plus years, I also have this curious scenario:
In October 2018, I was booted from my former Faculty of Environmental Studies’ discussion listserv (MES_ALT) – which is an institution I attended for 2 years and where I completed 10 graduate courses.
The MES_ALT listserv was specifically set-up so that students – presumably past and present – could have meaningful discussions about cultivating environmental progress. Why? Because the new faculty head, at the time (hired at the height of my surveillance and harassment in the early 2000’s), had quickly shut down dialogue and occasional arguments on the main listserv and set up MES_ALT, instead.
And yet – that discussion listserv immediately became and remained a ‘silent zone’ for the past many years – or I have been conveniently offlined and talking to a few dummy moles.
What makes me think the latter now? For 7 years, I have only seen a handful of posts; I can count them on one hand. And every once in a while, after I shared informative emails on a range of eco-minded topics – occasionally with commentary, but usually non-controversial – I would get a sudden harsh retort, invariably from an Asian female student. In 2018, I finally defended my right to speak.
You can read the highly suspicious email I received when I was conveniently removed from the listserv, due to ’email delivery errors’; and yet, I have never been able to resubscribe since October 2018.) Either way, this is a real concern – free speech and allowing sound ideas to percolate from the grassroots are both key to finding ‘holistic solutions’ to the nation’s problems, never mind maintaining freedom and democracy, and ensuring good governance and corporate accountability. That particular faculty held so much promise with its innovative thinkers and action-oriented visionaries striving for a healthy, prosperous and green planet.



See ‘Work’ anomalies