At heart, I subscribe to quotes like this one:

“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”

– Audre Lorde


To be edited…too much aggrandizing and moralistic values below — no longer relevant. (Except the one point below re: CCA.)

[Just a quick note…as “cray-cray” (crazy) as it may sound, there are MANY REASONS why I have never mentioned the Canadian Co-operative Association (now seemingly defunct — — God bless the good folks I met there). Mainly to avoid subjecting them to undue attention, so they might carry on their excellent and vital work — especially as it became clear to me that my surveillers WERE ANYTHING BUT progressive, inclusive, egalitarian or interested in upliftment, socio-environmental healing and action, Canadian nation-building (until now, 21 years later!!!), etc. I was obviously being targeted, persecuted and oppressed, and was seemingly viewed as an “Enemy of the State”, and treated as an actual criminal (or pest), purely based on RACE. Also, discussing my brief involvement with CCA staff and other interns could expose all of THEM to surveillance!! (Actually, in hindsight, I now wonder about certain incidents that occurred in Canada.) I also might feel compelled to explore and discuss another set of experiences that were both positive and negative, as well as complex. Trust me, I have enough stuff to deal with. I invite anyone to experience 1% of what I and some others have been through, for just a week or two. It may sound easy, and maybe as an outside observer it looks that way…but I beg to differ. Begging being my defacto role since 1997. Watch a few thriller movies to better appreciate the psychological impacts, please. Having been through the wringer a few times now, and betrayed by so many, it is far less intense. Probably those earlier surveillance years look harmless and mundane in hindsight. Try experiencing it in your own home and local neighborhood. When one doesn’t know exactly Who, What, Why, When, or How, then things take on a far different tone. And if these perpetrators now look very glorious, honourable, noble and well-intentioned, I can assure you when bad things are happening to good people every time you turn around, it certainly doesn’t feel like “good forces” at work. Anyway, have a good day, and enjoy the bounty. Peace. ]

Joni Mitchell – Passion Play (When All the Slaves Are Free…)

Over the past 10 – 20 years, I have really come to see Canada from numerous perspectives. Not only is the Canada I once knew and loved rapidly disappearing, but we are constantly fire-fighting a growing multitude of problems (especially obvious in the Greater Toronto Area, which I live north of).

To online friends and others who may have been ‘co-opted’, no doubt the highly skilled operatives at the FBI (U.S.) and CSIS (Canada) may persuade you that I and my blog, CanadaTruth, are subversively trying to undermine the ‘status quo’ in North America.

Here’s where I stand:

Many people have hopes for a world where they are treated with Respect and Dignity, and where Peace, Freedom, Privacy, Autonomy, Democracy and Integrity are the norm. And being Spiritual doesn’t mean leaving all social-environmental-political concerns and proactive governance to others. By that I mean: Being a responsible citizen and doing one’s part is necessary in this day and age; people need to question things, and call for action, if necessary. Citizen-activists are needed like never before, if we are to balance out the monolithic ‘powers that be’ – be they mighty corporations, governments, and authorities who, in some cases, may abuse their power to oppress or harm people they may mistakenly view as threats. Or even behave as criminals themselves, and yet, are well protected. Sorry, this is a topic close to my heart.

Note: I have come across many excellent and admirable people in law enforcement. I especially recall fondly the ones from my youth; usually older cops who really embodied honour and felt a duty to protect. Though I gradually learned of cases where gross misuses of authority exist or occur, dating back to my university days.

In any case, my current life and the partial impetus for starting this blog is increasingly about the ‘dark side’, which I’ve been encountering increasingly since November 2019. It may very well be, as famed judge Simon Cowell from America’s Got Talent put it: “The dark side is actually the good side.”

Frankly, I just don’t appreciate back-room manipulation of, say, contests and contestants, or professional sports to the point where they are ‘fixed’ to produce certain outcomes, or where the entire event is constructed purely for propaganda purposes. It becomes almost meaningless. But obviously, I am the only one perturbed by these possibilities, as we are now quickly entering into The New World Order. (But what do I know?) I also don’t think those who were, or could become become ‘sacrificial lambs’ for this higher cause would think it is “the good side” for them, or all their loved ones.

Anyway, about visioning. Absolutely nothing makes me happier and more content than when everyone is getting their needs met and may even build genuine connections with each other, based on respect, honesty, and open-mindedness, etc. ( I know I myself am extremely flawed with my own dysfunction and personal demons, possibly based on past lives; and so have not modeled any of the desired behaviours and hoped-for outcomes. And yet, living under a 24/7 microscope with hypersensitive watchers, and seemingly active threats to self and others can distort things. And I frankly don’t have the time and energy to clarify and justify every little action, gesture, word or facial expression. I am not nearly as literal as people seem to assume. Predictable? I guess anybody who has been obsessively studied for 20 years, and manipulated, threatened and/or tormented for 5 of those years, can start to look pretty hackneyed. Not to mention, I have become so burned out and been oppressed that my communications about many things has become a one-dimensional cut-out of my former self, when I still had my wits. Now, people may feel I am tearing down people and institutions; yet, they have no idea how deeply damaged I am or what I’ve been through. In earlier times, I would argue that I strived for win-win-win situations in my 20s.

The ideas and living examples I’ve seen for socio-environmental change and upliftment do not ‘reverse’ social orders or pit one group against another. On the contrary, social harmony and personal empowerment are possible – without upending ‘power relationships’, and yet, still having the freedom and opportunity to go as far as one wants, without detriment to others. And to hopefully transform CORRUPTION, BULLIES, ABUSERS in the process.

In fact, my persecutors (CSIS and the FBI) and their growing co-operators would have people believe that because some of my key examples for social-environmental-economic transformation are found in India, somehow I want to revolutionize social power here in Canada or North America. (Ironically, I have, yet people still blame me and want to get ‘even’; or reduce my ideas and approaches or insights to mere ‘novelty’, when clearly the combined effects are both socio-politically innovative and transformative around the globe, though tragically so. And yet, the ‘powers that be’ would be doing similarly destructive, death-dealing things without my inputs anyway. Quite a number of people I have thought highly of from previous decades all died under suspicious circumstances or outright murder, or in plane crashes.

Frankly, while I may stress the importance of women’s equality and participatory democracy, I think acculturating to Canada and its norms, and speaking one or both of its official languages, is even more imperative for the successful governance of this country.

And while I personally face prejudice and racism frequently – as well as a complete denial of my personal truth and historical consciousness (by being misperceived as an immigrant and denigrated on a near-daily basis, by all sorts of people – including folks who have barely arrived here) – I am nevertheless deeply concerned about the decline of both Anglo- and Franco-Canada.



1 the flag of the United Kingdom

2 the royal flag of France (fleur-de-lis)

3 symbols of England (golden lions, roses)

4 symbols of Scotland (red lion, thistles, unicorn)

5 symbols of Ireland (harp, shamrocks)

6 Canadian symbols (maple leaves)

7 symbols of monarchy (crowns, royal helmet)

8 the words (in Latin) desiderantes meliorem patriam, which means they desire a better country

9 the words (in Latin) a mari usque ad mare, which means from sea to sea

(Source: )

People have literally forgotten the founders of Canada.  (Which is not to say that indigenous peoples did/do not suffer. I actually stand in solidarity, but as with so many of my compromised thoughts, writings, and self-expressions after living under clearly racist oppression for so long and being a people-pleaser who has been repeatedly and duly punished for simply calling out life truths that few people talk about or try to address – yet, somehow I’m the ‘bad guy’, despite my obvious powerlessness and deep-seated trauma.

Now, Big Bro is using all the things they’ve gleaned from my life experiences, while seeking to permanently silence me for knowing too much and being a tiny potential thorn in their side. So I hope people can understand where I’m coming from, if I ‘flip-flop’ a lot.

I would’ve liked to be a bridge-builder, in some way; yet, instead, I may have indirectly contributed to the demise of truth, freedom, autonomy, etc, on a large scale. (Post to come.) Plus, I’ve helped re-establish and reinforce social pecking orders, along whatever ‘tribal’ lines have long existed – race/ethnicity, religion, regionalism, even war veterans. (To be discussed.)

What’s personally paining is to see so many people I genuinely like, respect and admire getting onboard with The Renewed Agenda for Global Colonialism. (Too many to list. But for the record, I love Julianne Hough (and her equally talented brother Derek from Dancing With The Stars), and I greatly admire Heidi Klum, too, long before either was on America’s Got Talent – it just irks me when people assume I might prefer her over Gabrielle Union, for example.)

Why Did Gabrielle Union Leave America’s Got Talent


I can speak to my own experiences of ongoing racist harm and 3 sinister attempts on my health recently, at the hands of my surveillers’ co-operators – who, by the way, can literally sabotage or even eliminate people who may support or represent a too-progressive agenda.)

[EDIT, Jan. 13/20:  Unfortunately, the long arm of Big Brother has really grown by leaps and bounds since November 2019; with my ongoing, all-encompassing problems – technlogical and otherwise – both online and in my ‘real-world’ life, plus the total co-opting of everyone in my social sphere, I can say this: Technological Totalitarianism is complete. Bye-bye FREEDOM, AUTONOMY, and PRIVACY. Officially, everyone is just a vulnerable pawn. The recent Ukraine plane crash killing 176 people, and 63 Canadians, supposedly in retaliation of General Qasem Soleimani’s recent killing, is just part of geopolitical manipulations that indicate far more complicated agendas than meets the eye. So sad what the thirst for power and ultimate control can do to people and groups. Amen. Shalom. Namaste. Salaam-ali-kum. Allah O’ Abha. Tashi Dalek. Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa. Jai Jainendra. To-hi-du-lit. Meg’wich.]

Admitting to downing Ukraine jetliner will cost Iran regime dearly

I have not yet had a chance to explore these important topics, but kindly bear with me until I do so.

I will say this to my surveillers:

In the case of Kiran Bedi and Tihar Jail (the largest jail in a democratic country), the prison inmates are still inmates. The difference is, they are not being physically and psychologically tormented by corrupt jail guards, or female inmates being raped and pimped out to men on the street, and so on. Through eco-friendly pursuits, the prisoners even help raise money for their (usually struggling) families. This literal “hellhole” was transformed into a virtual, co-operative paradise – tree-planting and all.

Bear in mind that many prisoners, whether here in North America or elsewhere, are often poor and uneducated people who are merely trying to survive. They have not been afforded the opportunities or positive role models that others have. In contrast, environmental polluters, ponzi-schemers, President Trump and others are destroying both lives and nature, ripping off people’s money, and controlling the direction of our planet’s future. Who are the bigger culprits?

[DEC. 8/19, EDIT: Been raving about Kiran Bedi, after having the incredible privilege of meeting her in 1999; emailed about her 23 times plus 1 blogpost since 2017, and sent 8 email blasts in the past 5 weeks. In the U.S., the “Fair Chance Act” is resurfacing in the headlines: . However, here’s why the Fair Chance Act a.k.a.  “Ban the Box” could screw people over. Worth a read.]

In the case of Anna Hazare and his agricultural campaign, Farmers are still Farmers. (We need good Farmers!!) And now, instead of migrating en masse to urban centres (which creates a whole host of problems, all the way around) or committing suicide due to low crop yields and the resulting poverty, the Farmers are producing healthy crops with improved Water Conservation, and reduced use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and so on. They stayed on their farms, living conditions and family stability improved, women are included in the decision-making process, and life all around is GOOD.

Neither is this about limiting anyone’s POTENTIAL FOR GROWTH and SELF-ACTUALIZATION. Oprah Winfrey and others are true heroes. I also mentioned U.S. Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for her fearlessness and integrity; however, once again, I’m seeing the long-hand of Big Brother’s co-opting interference and manipulative abilities – often coercive or designed to ensure full co-operation – at all costs. Sigh. (Jan. 13/20)

Anyway, besides co-ops I may have frequented while I living in downtown Toronto East, I was blessed to visit a variety of co-operatives in India (eg, SEWA, the world’s largest women’s trade union) and also meet co-operators from around the world (eg, Israel, Kenya, Japan, Russia, and so on).

Cultivating peace, freedom, democracy, solid infrastructure, economic opportunities, quality of life, environmental stewardship, and so on, in countries around the world, benefits all of us.

And the simple truth is: Both Canada and the U.S. are becoming overburdened, polarized, and fragmented. We cannot become a repository for all of the world’s people, who wish to leave or escape their own countries – nor be a “piggy bank” for foreign investors, who may have little or no interest in Canada’s overall well-being. And we cannot just politely smile at one another, while secretly resenting or sabotaging different people, as the problems continue to pile up – we need ideas and action for change.

Hopefully, we may explore some SOLUTIONS to Canada’s problems on here. Kindly keep an open mind, in spite of my inflammatory comments or tone.

Stay tuned!

(NOTE: Recently, since launching my blog, I have been unable to access or properly use numerous large corporate websites in the past 2 weeks – from my employer’s scheduling site to my WordPress blog, to my email accounts (Gmail, Tutanota) and and others. I am also literally having to ‘capture’ the contents of mainstream news sites – before they miraculously disappear from the Internet. So much for freedom of thought, free press, and so on. Welcome to the New World Order.)

See my ‘Weird‘ page, with more examples to come…

Since writing the page above, I’ve experienced more bold and direct threats (pics to come) and potential long-term damage to my health. Please see “Addendum to Women’s Equality”, for more discussion.