Tampering, Theft, Threats

(This page is still being edited. More to come…)

Common themes between what I experienced during my original “surveillance years” (esp. 2001 to 2005), and the resumption of activities now (sprinklings since August 2019, outright theft in September 2019, and full-on interference and subtle threats since late October 2019):

  1. Tampering, (mis)placement, and theft of things in my residences and car;
  2. Phone, email, website, internet glitches and anomalies (see Weird– MUCH more to come);
  3. People whose words and actions correspond closely with issues going on in my life, or things I have recently written, or they simply communicate things they SHOULD HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT ME – this includes disparate persons, from neighbours to co-workers to service people;
  4. Seemingly being maligned to my employers as a possible extremist and a threat to society?

    (This letter to my employer is a rough summary of my concerns.)

NOTE: In times of distrust, and a world of increasing problems, chaos, etc, it is ironic that people would trust in CSIS to know and do what’s right. This is a security body that will do anything from lie, illegally spy, co-opt willing and/or vulnerable moles or participants, vandalize, steal, extort, intimidate, threaten, harm, torture (by proxy to foreign governments, and psychologically here at home), and ultimately, murder. I am living proof, and people have died.


My partner D. and I are older folks (though young at heart!), living on very humble budgets.

In mid-September 2019, we took a rare mini-vacation and headed to Buckhorn, ON, for a few days. Only 3 people knew we were going away – our respective family members.

The only other people who might have had any inkling of our departure are the tradespeople building a new house across the street. They might have noticed us loading up the car, which took about 10 mins.

A few days after we got back, I went to the garage and discovered D’s electric scooter – a service vehicle, as D. cannot drive a car – was missing. He reported it to the police, and we had no real hope of it being returned. But miraculously, it was found abandoned 35kms away, in East Gwillimbury, about 2 weeks later. The theft cost D. about $1000 to replace accessories and retrieve the bike. This is a similar model from epRider.com.

scooter xpn-bur-768x768

D. lives on a very quiet street in a safe, extremely low-crime town. The theft had to be done by someone who specifically knew we were away. No one would randomly target one of the oldest, worn-down houses on the block, searching a cluttered and unpromising garage for the only thing worth taking on the whole property – ie, besides a modest 32″-inch TV set inside?

Based on info below, it would suggest an ‘all-knowing, all-seeing’ perpetrator. Presumably CSIS surveillers, whom I was in denial about, and all the resurgent-yet-scattered signs of surveillance-based meddling in my life. [As of today, December 20, 2019, there is no doubt that my life/our lives are being interfered with and subtly threatened. Media files to come…]

I immediately pointed out to the officers that the construction workers across the street were the only ones potentially aware of our ABSENCE. (Like I said, I brushed off the notion that surveillance and harassment had resurfaced in my life. Like, Why bother with us?). Anyway, D. and the cops ignored my theory.

Upon discovering this robbery, I naturally checked for any signs of theft or vandalism INSIDE THE HOME. Yet, nothing appeared to be missing, except…an envelope containing a dinner voucher for 2 at Mandarin buffet restaurant. All City staff members received one, and I work part-time at the city theatre. The voucher was on the side table, right next to where I sit.

(You may notice in other postings to come, that the majority of tampering, breaking and entering, service or product problems, occur to me. Any problems for others are either incidental or could be a subtle message to me – ever on high-alert.)

Of course, D. did not believe me. Why would they come INTO THE HOUSE and not take the portable electronics (laptop, TV)? Why take a random white envelope?

But I had just looked at the voucher before the trip. And I purposely kept it in the same place, close at hand, because it was going to expire October 31. IT WAS DEFINITELY TAKEN.


If I had any doubts at all, the following inexplicable things have occurred or been discovered in D’s home, between November 3 – 26, 2019 (see below).

Note: Since we got back from the Buckhorn trip on September 22, until today, November 27, 2019, D. has only been out of the house for an extended period twice:

  1. Hospital for a broken ankle and surgery to insert a plate (Nov. 3 – 8);
  2. Hospital to replace the 1st ankle cast (Nov. 22).

1. Roll of doggie poop bags twisted and strung through 2 different rolls of tape in linen closet.

For my eyes only

(EDIT: The following day, after posting the picture/video above, a professional organizer at our home (whom I already suspected of being ‘co-opted’) asks me, “So is your boyfriend very organized?” I said, “Yes he is, he’s very organized!”

The images above could appear to be mere sloppiness, however, all the tape rolls were grouped together, as were the 3 rolls of poop bags. Here are other pics to demonstrate D’s organized sensibilities:

Trying to upload the rest of the pictures, but I’m suddenly getting error messages…

2. Three coins lined up in front of my seat – weren’t there the day we left for hospital.

Second night after D. was in hospital for his broken ankle, he asked me to pick up some things from the house. (I had been staying with my parents, as I did not want to be at his place alone.) As I was going from room to room gathering the items he asked for – in the dark and empty house – I noticed these 3 coins perfectly lined up on the coffee table in front of where I always sit. The day the paramedics took D. to hospital, I had picked up a couple of coins from the floor, so I know for sure those coins were not on the coffee table.

3. On 2 different days after D. got back from the hospital, I found the socks I put on had been folded in opposite directions.

In 40-plus years of folding my laundry, I have always put the sock openings together to fold my socks. This was completely bizarre and unsettling for me! (A Sheldon Cooper-type response.)

4. D. asked for his black jacket when we were heading to the hospital for his cast to be replaced. The jacket was black, same brand (North Face), size L, Men’s – but it was not his.

When we got back, he said, ‘This must be your jacket.’ I said, ‘It’s not.’ He replied that his jacket has ‘an inside pocket’. This one does not, and upon closer examination, I could tell it was not his same jacket.


On Wednesday, November 20, 2019, I drove my father back to the retirement home, where he has recently moved. Because of all the anomalies – in D’s home, with his neighbours, at my workplace, and online – as well as heightened tensions from my email rants, I feel trepidation about my father’s vulnerability in this home.

In 2003, I lost another relative, but in a nursing home, to what I believe was the work of CSIS or CSIS operatives.

So here’s what happened the night I drove him back:

  1. Arrived at retirement home’s semi-circular driveway; white SUV immediately pulls up behind me and sits there headlights on. Odd for that time of night: 6:59PM. Most residents are in. 
  2. As we walked past, an Asian male driver returned my gaze. Yet, he was not dropping anyone off or, nor picking anyone up. 
  3. I took several pictures, and then, he just drove off. 
  4. Another car showed up behind me, after I saw my father off (other odd or well-timed incidents inside the retirement home, as well). Being on high alert, I waited another 40 mins to see what this other person was up to. I concluded that they were picking someone up.
  5. Once they left, I drove for D’s but kind of got sidetracked and got off at Elgin Mills, headed back to Major Mac, then north again.

Let’s suppose I am under surveillance and harassment – with many years of incidents to prove that people who obviously know a lot about me and my activities both on/offline do not wish well for me. My dogged persistence at the retirement home would not go over well with Big Brother and with any co-ordinators they may have inside organized crime groups (ie, triads, mafia, etc). In my earlier surveillance blog of 2004-2005, I was also extremely critical of corporate media and indeed called out the falsification of news – “Fake New” – long before Trump.

Interesting no photos have been released of this ‘mentally ill’ driver, who also did not appear in court hearing, after what appears to be a fit of psychotic rage, ramming and smashing up the backend of cars, that same night I stood my ground, so to speak. Even if the news incidents are “Real”, I sometimes wonder where these possible actors end up. Certainly not in jail. After I returned from the retirement home, I spent the entire night writing an email proposing ideas for mental health and addictions supports, until 1PM the next day (see ‘Emails‘.)

November 29, 2019 – 1AM

So my new iPhone has been blocked from transferring files / images / videos to the laptop – it says, “This device is unreachable,” but I had no problems for the first 10 days! The problem began while writing about “Threats”. See more at my ‘Weird‘ page.

3 iphone unreach 2a - 11-27-19 at 02.29 AM

So I attempted to circumvent this problem by emailing the pics to myself, and then downloading, in order to upload.

Guess what? Totally different pictures than the ones I selected ON MY PHONE have arrived in my “secure” and encrypted email account. Here are some of them:

eagle - 11-28-19
text to AD - 11-28-19

I haven’t even talked about the brand-spanking new crutches that arrived, followed by the dirtiest wheelchair I have ever seen (which was brought on the same night as my being concerned for my dad’s safety, and it is the first thing I saw when I arrived back at D’s place that night of a seeming car follower and intimidation.