As you may discover in the various posts here, I am (we all are) challenged by some dark forces in the world.

With rapidly evolving technologies, the past 20 years in particular have seen the dawn of a New Age and a most beguiling form of totalitarianism via smartphones, internet, digital media, etc. Those born after the Digital Revolution – Millenials, Gen Z, etc – consider it absolutely normal that governments, large corporations, “security” bodies (the henchmen for the elite), and everyday folks can know, record, spy upon, and ultimately, manipulate and control EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE – from conception to cryonics.

As a result of my bumbling yet unique life path, there are those who would rather see me 6 feet under – or otherwise incapacitated – so that I may never expose the pernicious activities in which they have engaged, in a drive for absolute power and social control across Canada and, likewise, the U.S.

The Death of Dissent.

The passing of Random House publisher Robert L. Bernstein may mark the end of an era.



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