Rockets and a Green World

While my arguments below may only make sense to a few people, and really they are purely based on principle rather than achievable realities now, due to the simple fact of both technological capabilities and economic power (mostly) and social might combined with religious or spiritual authority, I’d just like to point out a few things.

Some people who are “in the know” have bought into the grand notion of an idyllic “Return to the Garden of Eden” for a privileged few. This is partly based upon insider information, PLUS the unprecedented global shutdown due to the supposed COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic, PLUS photoshopped images and video footage of a dramatic decline in air pollution and other anomalies in nature, like animal activity and behaviour.

That’s all wonderful!!!

However, in an earlier post, I highlighted a prophetic article written by the late great Canadian activist and politician Tooker Gomberg, which discusses the environmental impacts and implications of space travel and exploration.

There are so many new precedents taking place in the year 2020 that I hardly know where to begin — and especially because most of my communications and online or tech-based activities and devices are being thoroughly compromised and tampered with.

So in the interest of simplicity, here are a few facts to consider:

1) During this “deadly” pandemic and the new normal of social distancing, Elon Musk allowed his SpaceX staff to continue working so they may still get paid, unlike the vast majority of people who are not currently working (and whom I have no clue how they are being subsidized or subsisting).

[The news above was widely announced in media in early May 2020.]

2) On May 30, 2020, SpaceX launched their “Dragon” rocket 🚀 — the first astronaut-crewed U.S. spaceship takeoff in a decade — helmed by “Doug and Bob” (so very Canadian).

[ Funny that this tune, “Take Off”, apparently by Bob and Doug McKenzie featuring Rush lead vocalist and guitarist Geddy Lee, is on the 2nd of only 3 albums that I happened to purchase from iTunes. Also read my other posts which mention “Frozen II” or “La Reine des Neiges”, and have a listen:

TAKE OFF — Bob & Doug McKenzie with Geddy Lee (from 1981 supposedly**)

1981 is also the year I first read about global warming and climate change. It just so happens, in terms of numerology which I mentioned elsewhere, “30” became a negative number for me and our family of 3, and the “Dragon” rocket ship was launched on May 30. Not that anyone may care or believe in this (or my 22 years of illegal surveillance, etc).

Annie Jacobsen’s book “Operation Paperclip” also makes reference to “Return of the Dragon” (her video talk just showed up on my phone out of the blue).

And since the current pandemic began — both SARS in 2003 and COVID-19 in 2019/20, both of which are apparently “naturally-occurring” and started in Hong Kong and China, respectively, and these are also the 2 years in which I launched 2 different blogs discussing illegal surveillance and corporate collusion + so much more — I seem to be the only person to publicly suggest that the underlying goal of all this coronavirus hype is to eventually depopulate the planet. 🌎 🌍 🌏

Annie Jacobsen refers to such dark intentions in her video talk and as the “ABC’s” of global domination and control:

A = Atomic

B = Biological

C = Chemical

3) However, just so we’re clear about creating “green paradises” on earth, this is SpaceX’s and other space travel companies’ goals for the foreseeable future:

a) “[B]etween Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp., Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc., the number of launches — including giants such as the Falcon Heavy and new mini-rockets — is expected to increase tenfold to roughly 1,000 annually in the coming years.”

b) There are…”concerns about the potential environmental impact of privatized space flights. For one thing, SpaceX’s plan to put 25,000 satellites into space could have a serious impact on astronomy.” (Oh yeah, never mind *space junk* and “debris”, per Ian Whittaker’s article below.)

C) “ Virgin Galactic says its plans represent a “new age of clean and sustainable access to space.”

(Um, yeah, we heard that before and for so long now re: nuclear power and energy sources. Btw, how far have we actually come in terms of widespread use and design / development / adoption of both renewable energy and eco-friendly transportation?)

d) A Smithsonian article: “Is SpaceX Being Environmentally Responsible?”

by Ian Whittaker February 7, 2018 (apparently)

e) And while I don’t necessarily believe the data provided in Whittaker’s write-up, here are some quick quotes:

“…the mass of most rockets are more than 95% fuel. … which creates a lot of carbon dioxide when burnt.”

“…if the SpaceX’s plan for a rocket launch every two weeks comes to fruition, this amount of carbon (approximately 4,000 tonnes per year) will rapidly become a bigger problem.”

“Space debris is rapidly becoming one of the biggest problems we face—there are more than 150 million objects that need tracking to ensure as few collisions with working spacecraft as possible. “

NOTE: Any info searches on the above issues may prove to be scarce; and the data seriously downplayed. Read the forward-thinking article by Tooker Gomberg ( It’s from 1999, but I’m quite certain the environmental impacts of space exploration have not been drastically curtailed since then. And clearly, the goal is not to exercise any restraint in space travel or orbiting satellites, but obviously to EXPAND AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE, MAXIMIZE PROFITS of course, and ENTERTAIN PEOPLE. It’s a winning formula!! So who I am to question things?

Just being clear about what some likely realities and outcomes are. And indeed, the intentional, well-planned, strategic, covert, eventual deaths of however many people and whomever may be targeted ARE NOT MY DOING. Nor is it my personal wish or desire.

As I’ve said before, co-creating positive collective change needs to be facilitated. And those with the power, means and influence are usually the least interested, and have the most to lose. In their view. I believe there is much to be gained through mutual trust-building, respect, honesty, understanding, care and good will. T

Those are my thoughts for today about space travel, clean air and a beautiful, relatively unpolluted world and universe.

I hope the attached images display properly. Been having so many technical challenges these past 7 months, since launching this blog in November 2019.


In various vague and indirect references, I have suggested that I am partly responsible for a great person’s death.

I have also discussed various subplots and overarching agendas — after 16 years of paying personal penance for this person’s untimely, unlikely, professionally negligent and totally unnecessary demise (for which I and their spouse are the only real ones who have PAID A PRICE; and I cannot even describe to you the punishment and personal trials that have been exacted upon me for the better part of 16 years, and to some extent upon my family, relatives, certain friends and social connections — but i can only say I would “never wish it on my worst enemy”, as one co-opted individual once said to me referring to breast cancer; and “no-touch torture” is a phrase another man who seemingly experienced some similar victimization at the hands of CSIS described his trauma from all-encompassing persecution NOW MADE EASILY POSSIBLE BY TECHNOLOGY — unfortunately, my experience extends far beyond people’s normal concept of “spiritual trials and supernatural retribution” for a crime I did not plan, nor perpetrate).

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