“Everlasting Love” & Good Friends & Lovers Divine

While reading this post, Kindly search for and play Howard Jones’ song, “Everlasting Love”, (more recent videos of this 1985 tune feature Egyptian mummies as personifying timeless romance) — and also, see the lyrics.

And try listening to “All I Ask of You” by Andrew Lloyd Webber, originally performed by Sarah Brightman and Michael Ball, I believe.

😈 (In many people’s estimation, folks who don’t even know me personally, and are possibly viewing ill-gotten media files and emails [that can also be easily tweaked] — or I myself have not best expressed myself or fully described a situation, so one may not appreciate the full context of the situations I tend to rail about so ungraciously — I am apparently the devil incarnate. Seemingly more harmful, evil and psychopathic than World War II Nazi scientists, who performed horrific ‘medical’ experiments on live victims in concentration camps — without anesthesia!!! (See the Annie Jacobsen video, “Operation Paperclip”, which has disappeared from my earlier blogpost. ) NOTE: These scientists were later recruited by the U.S., where they led research teams, led productive lives, settled down, and raised families. Justice works in wondrous ways. Just make sure you’re not someone lower down on the totem pole, who may become easy prey to other people and powers based on your social credence (eg, employment status, political views, mental health like depression etc, ability to speak in a linear logical and coherent fashion, simple spiritual beliefs like yes I believe in God and intuition, having a contentious nature, and of course much boils down to gender and race, and sexual orientation in my case etc.) a.)

I tend to play devil’s advocate. Not because I am one 👿 — but because my whole life growing up, my parents always defended everyone else as being of good character, and upstanding people with the best intentions. It can be frustrating, especially if I am the seeming ‘underdog’ in a given situation. Hi Anyway, despite their stoic or steadfast idealism about people and the world at large, reality proves to be rather different.

Anyway here’s to good friends and lovers, during 23 years…

I already wrote a caption about this still happy and innocent picture, but it got deleted. Sometimes people have a plan for you and your life, regardless is

So this blogpost is sectioned into 2 parts: HEADS OR TAILS, anyone? .

Part 1 is about higher love and purpose. Part 2 is about how my life came to be in its present state — an admittedly negative take on how power politics can play out from a cosmic level; and yet, no less TRUE.

Part 1

A thousand scientists and the finest experts can never truly know the soul of another human being — their thoughts, motivations, consciousness, inner reality or even ‘past lives’ (although I know of a certain enlightened individual and their possible connections who can read not only one’s mind and desires, but potentially lifetimes of existence).

SIDE NOTE: It actually says in the Bible that if you are wicked but trying to be good, you will be blessed; but if you are righteous your whole life and then falling into dark ways, you may be punished. (Some May be following the latter course, without even realizing it, in the new pandemic world of media disinformation, government control, and “Save the Planet 🌎, Kill the People” —all according to prophecies espoused in the Bible et al, and being embraced as the “new” approach to life by certain people.)


To some health professionals, what is perceived as “major depression”, for example, can also be someone experiencing a crisis of faith in which wonderings about oneself and wonderings about the universes can preoccupy one’s life, mind, sense of purpose and concerns about our everyday living: ‘Is our planet at risk?’ ‘Where is the world heading?’ ‘What can be done?’ Etc.

This can still come to a similar result physiologically, like producing chemical imbalances in the brain that bring on depressive symptoms. However, the actual causes and what may have brought it on are not so clearly defined — or may become oversimplified and even be misunderstood — leading to incorrect or inadequate treatment by standard health practitioners.

Deeper contemplation on the part of the individual may get reduced to more obvious factors and circumstances, like [as being], oh, hey, I’m unemployed now; or my friends are spread out in various other countries and I’m lonely, and so on. When in fact, there can be significant rumblings in one’s soul calling one to do certain things, or to go in a specific direction, and even head to a particular place or country.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, “Eat, Pray, Love” is a great example of what I mean. (The film version is good, yet doesn’t fully convey the incredibleness of this story. Read the book!)

Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, “Eat, Pray, Love” is a great example of what I mean. (The film version is good, yet doesn’t fully convey the incredibleness of this story. Read the book!)

Speaking of love or divine inspiration, there have been a few powerful figures in my life, during the past 23 years or so; many happen to be Geminis. One was considered off-limits; and yet, was more of a muse and at the *core* of it is far more divinely inspired than being a base desire. (See NOTE 1 — “Homoeroticism”.) Though even that is effectively left to

I’m sure I would have felt the same way about their late partner, had I the privilege and pleasure of truly connecting with them one on one, in an atmosphere of trust, openness, and non-judgement with mutual understanding or awareness of each other’s circumstances. That was not the situation, unfortunately; and it is an everlasting, deep regret on my part.

I note the title page for this image is “TeePublic”. For what “private” agendas might be, see my previous 2 posts.

So, In my past 2 decades of potential and actual liaisons, it has not merely been about “trading up” in terms of finding a romantic partner (to quote Dr. Phil, May 26, 2020) — but actually coming across people of an incredible fit, most unexpectedly, in a world full of challenges. These various folks who have impacted me (several of whom are Geminis) are very much seekers of positive, empowering and progressive change on the planet.

Some people may not believe in “astrology”; and yet, I only know that it has always played a factor in my life. Individuals of certain signs — even with the same birthdates — tend to show up in my life and play a key role, or have had a strong lifelong influence/impact; especially Gemini folks (see below).

As I grew a bit ‘spiritually’ for a time, a few new people and Astro signs entered into my realm, exerting new influences and inspiring new interests.

I dunno. Perhaps some people are more tuned into this aspect of themselves, so it becomes more evident in one’s life.


Howard Jones

Howard Jones

It also says that God commands that all captives and slaves be set free every 7 years. I’m into my 3rd cycle — such is the epic justice I’ve been experiencing since 2003. I can say this as someone


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