In God We Trust

Everyone is a politician, of course, navigating their way through life — whether they realize it or not.

I am not afraid of the truth.

Yet, I’m very far from being “good”, and can certainly bend truths and rules (see other post); yet, in matters of importance, I do try my best to be honest and aligned with my personal integrity.

To do what’s right, and to serve a *greater good*, well, I suppose that is a matter of perspective.

So if I have shared half-truths about important or relevant things in recent months, it’s because in an all-powerful, all-invasive technology-based world, I don’t wish to be responsible for bringing any more undue attention to any people, places, or things.

I’d rather not subject them to Big Brother’s spying eyes and ways, and delightful research, manipulation and total controls — although everyone already is to some extent, anyway. But in my own personal experiences, it has never been a good thing. They may beg to differ.

If my persecutors and the listening, reading or viewing audience figure out the things I am referring to, then they would have known anyway. Therefore, I have not trespassed against anyone or anything, while attempting to make my case or foster support.

To my all-powerful persecutors, I ask these simple questions:

1. Have I benefited you, or have you benefited me?

2. Can one be so “future-oriented” as to lose sight of the *present*, and the preciousness of life, itself?

3. Are we merely existing to serve “future generations”; therefore, we are no more than pawns and puppets?

I believe God preached love and compassion. That we are all God’s beloved creations.

It bears repeating, I believe God preached love and compassion. That we are all God’s beloved creations.

What exactly do they have to gain by continually poisoning me and my health?

A few days ago, I was purportedly found “innocent of a shameful deed” (Susanna 62, Holy Bible, NRSV, p.136). A few minutes later, I didn’t tap or type a comma into my phone at the correct minute; then, I went to eat a few vegetables — my first and only meal of the day— and suddenly, it was as if 15 years of trying to assert that I am not fully to blame or entirely responsible for the unfortunate passing of a great Canadian, and that momentary vindication, was withheld.

Such is justice in the blowing winds and one’s ever-changing fortunes, under a supernaturally controlled quest for power and control. 🔮

God doesn’t play games, lie, cheat, deceive, or ever change. In the indestructible, incorruptible, everlasting love of the ever-living God. In Jesus name. Amen.

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