Friendliness: The Peak of Love

I began writing this post on Earth Day (April 22), but didn’t post until the 26th.

Happy Earth Day!! 🌎

Love ❤️ peace and glory to an irreplaceable great Canadian and activist-politician:

Tooker Gomberg (

Tooker Gomberg:

“Friendship is the highest peak of love. It does not try to possess or control another, for that is animal love. Rather, true friendship seeks to raise another up, so they may come to their natural flowering.”

Loosely paraphrased from Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh a.k.a. Osho

For what it’s worth, I didn’t realize until I posted the above quote just now, which I had received in 1998, that Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh is in fact Osho. 22 years

UPDATES BELOW, as of May 15, 2020.

Actually, unbeknownst to all the eager faithful who are getting onboard with this new (covert) agenda to restore Mother Earth to a Garden of Eden paradise for a privileged few (a “Save The Earth, Kill The People” remedy), the long-term plan is far more insidious. It likely involves the complete elimination of the human species, which I know sounds absolutely ludicrous and ‘far out’. And a key point here is…what the heck do I know? (See “ God, Pandemics, Predation…and MORE”.)

To begin laying out any evidence regarding the extensive illegal surveillance going on in my life, and thus, presumably to most or all citizens across Canada and the USA, is a gargantuan undertaking. Besides the fact that many of my files etc have been tampered with or deleted, and many other such challenges, I actually have a HUGE amount of uphill personal battles going on. Frankly, I’m not afraid to take on any powerful corporations that may be involved; because I know what I know. Yet, I believe I mentioned elsewhere that there are far more powerful entities in our world than even the biggest corporate giants on the planet.



PREVIOUS CONTENT from April 22, 2020


As usual, my online communications conveniently have a mind and life of their own. Typos that I know I didn’t make, and occur while I’m typing elsewherecan be easily achieved throughscreen-sharing” by a 3rd-party hacker. My 2 posts were made at specific times respectively, on Facebook, Wednesday, April 22, 2020.

Also, I wasn’t trying to “re-oppress” others with suggestions for either an alternative model or counterbalance to an existing hierarchy. Just putting forward some *possible modifications* and *better balances* for how Canada and our global society might move forward. (A moot point now — with the brilliant coronavirus solution to the planet’s 🌎 many ills (see CNN news segment about pollution decline and changing animal patterns and behaviours; yet is totally photoshopped — April 23/20). It’s a very telling precursor for what is to come: ie, survival of a select few, toward a Garden of Eden world, and nirvana here on earth — and beyond.

(Again, see “God, Pandemics, Predation…and MORE”.

I tend to believe all that is possible through other means — and without strategic and deliberate death-dealing of many good people (long story). But what the heck do I know? LOL! 🤷🏻‍♀️

As Anand Giridharadas said…it’s about “Winners Take All” in terms of global domination and control. Also will post about Noam Chomsky’s excellent and sad book on “Hegemony vs. Survival”. Just got a copy.

WINNERS TAKE ALL — by Anand Giridharadas

REVIEW ON WINNERS TAKE ALL — by Aditya Chakrabortty

(NOTE: Despite my long-winded, often far-out thoughts and ridiculous idealism, I’m actually a media skeptic and cynic about politics, so I wrote a critique elsewhere concerning the above. )

I wrote about “natural hierarchies” elsewhere by cultivating a more conscious, enlightened society — thus, not based strictly upon wealth, power, gender, ethnicity, religion, etc. AND without limiting ANYONE’S POTENTIAL FOR GROWTH AND OPPORTUNITY.

Like many people, I foolishly believed in a certain amount of fairness, guided by whatever rules or principles (and checks and balances), with equal application of the law, within a free and democratic society; and more importantly, equal opportunity for salvation and forgiveness before God.

We know we exist in a world full of (sometimes frustrating) contradictions and dualities, but which can nevertheless appeal to us.

For example:

• both technology and environment;

• both capitalism and socialism;

both materialism and idealism;

both individuality and community, or both unity and diversity; and

• both elitism and egalitarianism (since everyone is special, and wishes to be appreciated as such).

Within all that above, I guess strive to be FRIENDLY. From here onward, however, we will all be pawns and puppets dangling on the end of a string, requiring permission from an elite powerful few, who hold all the power and goods. LOL 😆

NOTE: “@100XSUCCESS” is the source.

Was going to add a video clip here from a documentary called, “Daughters of the Voice”. Wonderful, worth seeing.

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