Limitless Mind post + commentary

“Always listen twice,

First what’s being said,

Then who said it!”

– Meme from “Limitless Mind” page on Facebook, featuring photo of actor Liam Neeson

Wonderful thoughts!

Sometimes, though, people say things that others had said before, so it really doesn’t matter WHO said it.** If it is important information, sound advice, a relevant idea, and good wisdom, by all means embrace it.

We are all inhabitants and precious souls existing on a precarious planet – we need as much enlightened thinking and actions as possible. Surely that would be the best path forward, regardless of who one is, or what groups one happens to come from.

A strictly ‘tribal mentality’ might suggest otherwise. However, I belong to too many different groups and identities to take any sides.

We are all children of the most high God.

(I just happen to be personally encountering a lot of oppressive forces right now.)

Love and peace ✌️…And yet, in today’s world, one must also be a fully aware and conscious warrior for the type of society one wishes to live in and uphold — while still keeping God first place.


Be happy to discuss the cross-fertilization of ideas and intermingling of social realities, biodiverse environments, cultures, etc. Or how, in the past 19 years — since 2001 — the world has been moving definitively away from any factually accurate and reliable data, or trying to attribute information, research, ideas and writing to their actual sources — or even real people.

(See post “2020: Rewriting the Web”.)

Never mind how *real* people actually are these days, and what their honest politics and agendas may be. Any form of truth, integrity (personal, legal, spiritual), transparency and basic freedom and democracy are all dead.

However, as a friend rightly pointed out recently, even much of the Bible is fictionalized — both the historical accounts and future prophecies — written decades and centuries after the seeming events; or millennia before such developments are to take place. That is not to say they are not *true*.

Science-fiction or “sci-fi” novels and films (or music), as well as historical prophets, have been and continue to be uncannily accurate, wildly visionary and highly predictive — many decades or centuries ahead of their time.


• Film Director Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968);

• Author George Orwell’s book “1984”;

• And so many more, if one were inclined to research on our now increasingly fictional Internet or WWW.

(Much more to be said about this crucial topic…)

As enmeshed as we are in our 2020 techno-universe, the bio on Nostradamus, below, is well worth reading — insights into health, herbalism, medicine, even PANDEMICS on up to astrology, prophecy, divining cosmic heavens, and even possibly harnessing such forces for good, evil, or just maintaining unchecked power over all people, planet and things. I know – crazy, eh?

Nostradamus (Michel de Nostradame; 1503-1566)

After a few years of working for corporations in the 90’s, and motivated by various grassroots community successes I encountered abroad, my approach to socio-environmental activism and democratic empowerment were creatively, and yet realistically informed by those experiences.

I dearly wish I had connected with great Canadian activist-politician and veteran environmentalist Tooker Gomberg, when I entered a graduate Environmental Studies program in 1999. Far different circumstances, than when I desperately sought him out in 2003. I likewise wish I had stayed in touch with another incomparable Canadian journalist-activist Barrie Zwicker (formerly of Vision TV), when the 9/11 Truth Movement sprung up in 2001 — although I didn’t have the privilege of actually meeting him until the Citizens Inquiry into 9/11, also in 2003.

Sidenote: I realize people may find my writing pompous and full of self-praise; yet a lifetime of being dismissed, plus 22 years during which I have experienced painful and defeating systemic oppression, isolation, and fully sanctioned psychological experiments right here in free and democratic Toronto, Canada — my place/country of birth — can perhaps create some ire.

That’s not even counting the past 5 months of active health threats and total tech sabotage, plus other illegal treatment I’ve been encountering through corporate collusion and by countless other people and entities.

(Apparently, I haven’t paid enough for the death of a great man. Meanwhile, there is no excuse for other planned tragedies and health setbacks to loved ones surrounding the widow these noble entities are supposedly “protecting”. All in keeping with divine laws.)

I wish I weren’t prideful, believe me; my relationship with both God and other people would be far more positive, blessed, and empowered!


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