Solutions for Change 2020

(Posting here; don’t mind the spiritual discussions, yet if you had any idea what has been going on for me the past couple of months, you’d be asking a higher power, too!)

Wonderful to receive your message, Dorothy! Thank you, as always.

My deepest love, appreciation, and eternal gratitude to you, now and forever. That will never change.

As you know, I kept a few web addresses (domain names) in your honour, to be activated upon your say-so, for almost 10 years, until 2018: (.org, .net).

In my mind, you are truly one of the finest examples to the world of what it means to be a woman, mother, and concerned citizen. A friend and ally to all in seeking peace, good health, sustainability, prosperity, and a just society.

That is why I occasionally harped on about knowledge-sharing, online legacy-building, and enhancing outreach or networking by experienced citizen-activists like yourself with a wider sphere of Canadians and beyond — indirectly helping to support an informed and functioning democracy in Canada through environmental health awareness, and pointing out avenues of support and action. Also, to help protect grassroots autonomy among average citizens (socially, environmentally, politically). Top-down + bottom-up.

Too many real activists (not subsidized spies and provocateurs) start from scratch, reinventing the wheel. As we well know, it’s an arduous learning curve, which can take a costly toll on those who are truly oppressed, fighting for their very existence and/or basic rights.

I thought could archive all your past work etc; help avail people to your current news circulars; provide a searchable discussion forum and contact lists (connecting veterans and newbies, alike); introduce people to the many worthy projects and organizations you contribute to or helped found; feature your favourite websites, listservs or info sources; and so forth.

Come to think of it, your Transformative Health and Public Policy course would do wonderfully online, and reach even more people. Maybe OISE could assign an intern to help adapt your teaching materials to an online format?

(If OISE/UT hasn’t already done so, it would be a great benefit to OISE and professors, if their courses were available online to people beyond UT.)

Basically connecting like minds to learn and help foster democratic change (in the spirit of Margaret Meade’s quote about small groups of concerned citizens), in order to alert, strengthen and prepare future generations to/for exactly the kind of totalitarian reality that people can now expect (eg, wasteful, mass-controlling, fake global crises, like Coronavirus – which is likely a practice run for future pandemics, ethnic down-sizing, and ‘global management’) — along with the already urgent threats we face, like climate change.

Frankly, I am finding *tech totalitarianism* is being all sewn up in God’s name; with every law, principle, value or truth being totally violated.

God said: Let the nations of the world turn to Israel and build it up, bring it wealth, and serve the people, so that ALL may come to know about God through the Messiah (being Yeshua or Jesus; though he may be in question now, with advances in science + DNA + genetic research, all-powerful technology, space exploration, and evolutionary biology — in other words, Jesus as being the Way and inevitably a cultural role model may have been too good, nice, and giving, not to mention poor and totally at the mercy of other people’s beliefs, respect, and good will; and it seems some may feel this is a contributing factor in the decline of western civilization).

Frankly, I am torn between the actual Bible vs. what appears to be a New Imperialism based upon “God, Gold, Glory” (Professor John Merriman, iTunes U), which seems to be actively regressing everything I believe in, have stood for, and struggled so hard to merely be accepted as (or even believed and validated for).

All I know is my ability to think, learn, do and communicate is being totally compromised. And dare I say, this also applies to everyone else. Very few have any real say in what is going on. All will be fully accessed, profiled, owned and controlled by the elite few.

(Others may find these comments vague, and I’m sorry I can’t be specific for various legal reasons.)

Whatever God may teach or want from me, I still live in a society. And I believe in collective problem-solving and consulting with women and men from all walks of life.

Bolstered by the will of the people and equipped with sound solutions, we could help inform and persuade powerful people and controlling entities to become partners for constructive and workable changes — without ourbeing silenced, compromised, or becoming pawns and puppets or token representatives, sacrificing every single value, principle or ideal we ever had to a New World Order. One that seems to find TRUTH, honesty, real information and histories, freedom, privacy, independence and autonomy utterly unacceptable.

Chobani yogurt CEO Hamdi Ulukaya is one refreshing example of better ways and means to holistic empowerment — without threatening the capitalist, corporate paradigm; nor exploiting the masses; or contributing to the undermining of the social net that is so necessary for both the U.S. and Canada to maintain solid infrastructures and well-balanced societies.

Hamdi’s Anti-CEO Playbook:


I read recently that many billionaires prefer to amass as much money as possible, then decide and control how those funds will be used to improve society. But, too late; they’ve already helped contribute greatly to fundamental and widespread problems, socioeconomic disempowerment, crumbling infrastructure, as people work harder and longer for less money, with rising costs, overtaxed, and much upkeep going by the way side — especially improvements to and holistic advances in both healthcare and education. For all Canadians.

I know you have far more experience and practical wisdom about these issues. Yet, for some reason, I’m being perpetually silenced and controlled in my every action online — and with all my information access (hence, thinking), and writing. Frustrating.

Warren Bennis, a former advisor to four U.S. presidents, and others have written about “group leadership” and “servant leaders”. Of course, gradually since 2001, his online articles are now nowhere to be found.

Anyway, Dorothy, I thank you for all that you are, and everything you have meant to me, and have generously done on my behalf. I am forever indebted.

Love and hugs always,


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