The Future of Truth: 2020 and Beyond

When everyone piles on to make your life ‘hell’, because all you set out to do (so many years ago) was wish well for all persons, creatures, environments – while dealing with very practical issues, realities, and challenges, across diverse and seemingly opposed social spheres – well, it ultimately speaks volumes about humanity and the human condition.

A few thoughtful quotes on bullying and the human condition…

“Are humans bullies by nature?” – Matthew Wright (2017)

People hurt each other because it’s an easy way to make themselves feel good, irrespective of what happens to the victim. Kindness, in short, is something humans need to work on. And we should – to my mind, ahead of all other considerations. The tragedy of the human condition is that we don’t. – Matthew Wright

I have long accepted that humans bully each other by nature. As a species, it seems our default conduct is to break, destroy and take away whatever the other person has, no matter what that may be – and the easiest way of doing it is to first take away the right or ability of the target to respond. It was apparently a survival tactic, way back when. What’s more, our society – and particularly our intellectual institutions – facilitate such conduct by providing rules that perpetrators can exploit to not merely enable that bully conduct, but to use those rules to pretend they’re not behaving that way. The same systems also provide mechanisms behind which they can cower if their target does dare to respond. – Matthew Wright


Unfortunately, after adding the above benevolent quotations, I came across the following article, below.

Now, I understand exactly why I am experiencing seeming endless CYBER-BULLYING with subtle messaging, as well as VEILED ANIMOSITY IN PERSON with inexplicable shifts in attitudes or unhelpful, backhanded service by an amazing array of companies and people.

Possible interference by authorities (?) determined to sideline me – as someone who has been vocal about *illegal* surveillance and harassment from 1998 to 2005, and which has resurfaced with all-encompassing vengeance since September 2019 – people, companies, and even government leaders and organizations, could potentially feel threatened by my inclusive politics, ethnicity, and repeated calls for public oversight and safe reporting mechanisms for both technology and authority overreach?

“Jonathan Kay: Bullying is horrible, wrenching, sometimes fatal and … perfectly natural”

The appetite to bully cannot be treated as a social sickness, or the product of maladaptive psychological development — which is how it is universally depicted in the media, and in government-funded public-service announcements. Bullying is in our genes. And any effort to fight it must reflect that fact…[emphasis mine]

Bullies are not people who crave insight into human nature, in other words: They often have more insight into our true nature, at least in its Hobbesian, adolescent form, than the people around them….

To fight bullying, we must acknowledge that it is entirely “natural” …for status-seeking within a peer group. That is why meta-studies show that anti-bulling programs based on appeals to empathy and social justice don’t work.

As the Aggressive Behavior authors note, “Programs such as ‘zero-tolerance’ ask bullies to give up an advantageous behavior without gaining anything in return — not a recipe for likely success.

Kindly read entire article. It holds huge significance for our future world – when truth, ethics, the rule of law, and accountability are dramatically eroded, and no longer personally-held or publicly strived-for values.

Digital Truths: The Coming of Age for Post-Millenials

With the online and technological shenanigans I have been experiencing endlessly, since mid-November2019, I could tell people much more about mass media, social media, internet, websites, and email manipulation than what is contained in the article above.

Basically,Life Inside A Bubble”:

  1. Re-Writing the Web;
  2. Partitioning Internet Access and Social Connections;
  3. Information can be curated to the point of complete censorship or disinformation, and media blackouts;
  4. More effective – and extreme – subliminal messaging and mass media manipulations;
  5. The drastic “thinking and values gap” between pre- and post-Millenials;
  6. Ultimately, Totalitarian Technology control by the powerful elite.

    (Hello, The Matrix (1999) and The Truman Show (1998).)


At a fundamental level, I have always believed in ‘working with what you have’ – that is, including all the existing people, creatures, and surroundings in the solutions for a better society and world – and thus, improving things for all involved. Clearly, this is the opposite of The New World Order, with its “Winner Takes All” approach to global domination. (And I have been seriously naive.)

1. Winner Takes All by Anand Giridharadas

2. Winner Takes All Review by Aditya Chakrabortty

Natural Evolution vs. Outright Murder and Genocides

To my own peril, I have always believed everyone is both special AND equal, in our own unique ways.

For example: my mom’s older sister is in the Canadian Book of Who’s Who and has sat on many notable boards; while her younger brother was mentally-handicapped, and required care. Yet, all 6 siblings (5 girls and 1 boy) were loved dearly and equally by my maternal grandfather – at a time when girls were seen as ‘inferior’ in Chinese culture, and mentally-handicapped persons were seen as a family stigma and embarrassment. Sad, yet true.

(NOTE: I have always believed my grandfather’s deep compassion and equitable, democratic regard for his 6 children arose from his unique-for-the-times Chinese ancestry mixed with some Jewish/Hebrew bloodlines. My aunt wrote a well-researched, historical fiction book about Jews in China.)

Of course, there is elitism – there always will be. Every person appreciates both excellence and feeling privileged in some way. (Can’t find a short quote I once saw that captures the competing desires and drives of human ‘progress’ – eg, elitism vs. equality; technology vs. environment; spirituality vs. materialism, etc.)

Still, most, if not all, people also wish to be treated fairly, equitably, and yet, individually, too. It may not always be possible, but certainly is more achievable than what we see in our current social spheres – ie, schools, work, public settings and institutions, etc – and first and foremost, within our families.

Back in 2000 to 2005 (the major period of my ‘surveillance and harassment’, until its unbelievably fierce resurgence just recently), I tried to put forward a few ideas (page to come), in hopes of collaborating with others towards a holistic, healing and empowering ‘vision’ of possibilities. I did my best – in spite of my own pain, limitations, personal setbacks, neuroses, etc. Yet, due to unusual circumstances around my passport, I was threatened with ‘investigation’ in December 1997; yet, somehow, I increasingly became a crazy ‘case study’ for ultra-conservative, snooping authorities.

Or, that’s what I deduced:

High-powered surveillance is the only possible explanation for the persistent phenomena (eg, tampering, theft, vandalism, phone calls, ‘all-knowing’ people, threats, assault) I experienced from 2000 to 2005 (which has resurfaced again, from September 2019 to present); and, in part, influenced the trajectory of my life.

Inconceivably, in my backhanded way, I may have helped contribute to a ‘whole new world’ that growing numbers seem to be getting onboard with, and which was probably inevitable (see films above -and examples to come).

I was simply arguing for holistic and transformative strategies and solutions for human learning and development, collective leadership, addressing socio-environmental challenges, and overall empowerment and sustainability. And yet, I somehow ended up becoming a privacy rights advocate in 2001 (post-9/11), and a doomsayer about ” Technological Totalitarianism”.

See Neil Howe’s “The Rise of Totalitarian Technology” (2019).

Frozen Futures

As the snowman character, Olaf, says in the 2019 animated film Frozen II (Wikipedia summary, and Roger Ebert review):

Advancing technologies are both our saviour and our doom.”

The ‘Grand New Vision’  – which may perhaps mean ensuring the survival and maintenance of a ‘superior breed’, with limited inclusion of others, and thus, phasing out a lot of current peoples – I would argue can be achieved long-term (as people seemingly desire??), without unnecessarily snuffing out unwitting contributors et al (eg, myself and others).

Sorry, more crypto-speak about the renewed Global Colonialism. (examples to come)

Please see my other posts:

I Gave a Mountain…”

To Those ‘In the Know’

Frozen II may be much more ‘prophetic’ than people realize.

A note to ‘co-opted others,’ not sure if Big Bro showed footage of my experiences with energies; my various emails and discussions on or references to holistic health – including iridology, Traditionoal Chinese Medicine and herbalism, bodywork, qigong masters; or the fact that I had various ‘New Age’-type books on “Living Water” work out of Japan, aboriginals in Australia, sexual-spiritual healing, and so forth, back in 1997 (and my surveillance seemingly began in 1998). These, plus many more myriad topics, are seemingly incorporated into The Renewed Agenda – couched within *progressive* and *creative* projects, and yet, being done in a conveniently *disinformative* way.

Much more to say.

This world is nothing but a dance of shadows; a line drawn between darkness and light, joy and oppression, time and eternity. Learn to read this subtle line for it tells all the secrets of creation.’ — Fakhruddin Araqi, Sufi mystic (1213-1289 A.D.)

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