Don’t Believe the Hype

​People (or those ‘in the know’) assume I let my health practitioner hang out to dry. I was simply trying to cope with my needs and available timing, while being pleasant and jovial to others (remember what that’s like?), and so on. Pernicious surveillance under Big Brother’s all-powerful might is literally like walking on egg shells – at times, everyone is on edge, and liable to think some threat is on the horizon, or become easily offended.

All I know is that in spite of whatever challenges I have faced in trying to connect with people over many years – in spite of my own emotional wounds and damaged state, or unpleasant experiences and prolonged traumas – I have never wavered in my support of what is good in each and every person, thing, or place. Though I may express anger and frustration at the power abuses coupled with hypocrisy that I’ve been subjected to (from 2000 to 2005; and November 2019 to present – search “surveillance”).

I have always loved Canada, and wished nothing but GOOD for the country – in spite of how I may be treated by authorities, in what is clearly becoming a covertly lawless state, with selective 2nd-class citizenry for some, behind the scenes.

If you only knew.

And if I could finally post my media files – some of which are missing, along with blogposts and emails – people might see there is substance to my claims.

Media Manipulation and Sourcing Material

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, there has actually been a sudden run of progressive news stories or developments (hallelujia!! – and yet, my family and others continue to be threatened by authorities determined to silence me). So many people – political figures, media, etc – are suddenly emphasizing “transparency, accountability, ethics, holistic, integrity, truth” etc, and being disarmingly honest and frank (Lev Parnas, for example), plus, Republicans in the U.S. suddenly advocating for the protection of private citizens from invasive surveillance overreach by authorities, and so on.

Again this coincidental upswing – including actual things I’ve said or been writing about or dealing with (in email, draft and published posts, or private conversations) – has only been occurring for the past 2 months. I could be much more specific, had I full access to my media files, and some hadn’t already been remotely accessed and deleted (despite my complaint letters to the company).

Some may even notice a very distinct uptick of people with Asian ancestry on both Canadian and American TV and media (interviewees, reporters, politicians, political pundits, cops, and more), since just before the attack on Iranian general Qasem Soleilmani. A simple media analysis could verify this sudden trend.

Yesterday, little-known Chinese-American actress Anna May Wong was the GoogleDoodle character.

(Meanwhile, I’ve been wrangling with every digital technology or web-based company or service, ever since launching this blog just 2.5 months ago – and particularly after I wrote this page: “Weird“.)

(NOTE: My aunt’s husband wrote a biography about Anna May Wong, and the film rights were sold to a Hollywood actor.)

In fact, mainstream media’s critique of social politics in both Canada and the U.S., plus playing different groups against each other, has all become incredibly spot-on in a very short period of time. Big Brother’s studies of my neurotic social interactions began in earnest around 2002. But they have been more intensively displaying the fruits of their learning more recently.

I always knew our entire family’s social network of emails were being eavesdropped upon, since the World Trade Centre attacks in 2001. This catastrophic event, of course, unleashed unchecked surveillance and data-mining powers by authorities – and criss-crossed as my extended family is between Canada and the U.S., we could be an interesting social profile of Asian and inter-racial diaspora – be it social achievement, political views or stances and connections, degrees of progressiveness, globetrotting vs. being hearth-bound, and so forth.

A few of my aunts and my uncle have written various books, and they have interesting critiques about both Chinese-Canadian and ancient Chinese history (2 of my uncles by marriage, and thus, my cousins, have ancestors dating back to the late 1800’s in Canada). Anyway, I recently saw a medley performance of Disney animation songs, and their social insights about Chinese heroine Mulan were straight out of my aunt’s email so many years ago. Anyway.

No sense in trying to argue or prove something that no one, except those who are already co-opted and onboard with The New World Order, will ever believe.

Likewise, there has been quite a turnaround and upswing in the representation of South Asian and Middle Eastern people in all sorts of areas – from TV advertising to global accolades – which is wonderful to see, finally. For decades, it has usually been other racial groups being represented. A LOT has happened and been revealed, particularly in the past few months.

Even Coronation Street, a long-standing British soap opera that my boyfriend and I watch daily episodes of, has stepped outside it’s normal comfort zone, and upped its degree of progressive themes, in a few short weeks and months. This is a 40-plus year old program, and just in October 2019, I commented on the fact that everyone uses cash, and you never see a ‘debit machine’ being used. That’s part of its small-town, somewhat traditional charm.

Yet, voila, now suddenly there are a couple of debit machine transactions – and a bunch of indirect themes, plot developments, and dialogue that seem uncharacteristically edgy and similar to things I could talk more about, but do not wish to sound like a complete whack-job.

Holistic Approaches to Life’s Complex Problems

Often, people from populous countries that may have experienced widespread problems, or the effects of war, poverty, etc, tend to have a more HOLISTIC CONCEPT about socio-environmental and economic improvements. Though I don’t quite know if those were motivators for Chobani founder, Hamdi Ulukaya, whom I saw on 60 Minutes 2 years ago, his having grown up in the mountains of Turkey. Yet, I simply thought, ‘This is how capitalist enterprise should be approached.’

Chobani Founder: ‘Almost 30 Percent of Our Workforce Is Refugees. This Is the American Way.’

Handing Ulukaya was awarded I would still argue that *co-operatives* could play an excellent role – here and around the world – and can likewise employ, empower, and affect a great number of people. There are the added elements of democratic-ownership and decision-making (one member = one vote), and greater collective environmental stewardship (one would assume). Just saying, co-ops rock, too. (Search “co-operatives” on this blog.)

What you may not see more of, perhaps, are Harold and Kumar-type partnerings and media stories, with South and East Asian people being supportively paired together. As my writing became more frantic in the past few weeks, the U.S. media raised discussions about how India and China actually share a border. Again, broad strokes. I have more specific examples to share.

The rest of my comments, below, are to people who are co-opted:

Probably Big Brother may have to reach back aways to recall how I had emphasized many times (based on what little I know) that China and Chinese culture were greatly influenced by India – art, culture, music, dance, instruments, martial arts, and especially spirituality – that is, Buddhism, which for a long time people assumed had originated in East Asia.

Reiki – an energetic form of healing – which is associated with Japan, also came from India. It’s teachings can be found in one of the sacred texts of the Bhagavad Gita or Purana (see web search).

Reggae and Rastafarianism have Indian influences, as well. (One only has to go to India and learn about its music to see some ancient connections.)

My cursory look at certain Indian teachers and philosophers, while I was there, speak of that country as being a ‘sleeping tiger,’ waiting to take its place as a leader among nations. Indeed, I think that time is finally coming to pass.

And while I was living and travelling there, there were clear animosities towards imperialism, and – despite my being completely against *nuclear* anything – I understood why India would want to develop its own nuclear arms, in order not to be a foot servant to other super-powers. When one has no equal say at the table, one’s talents and resources, and the entire population, become a mere commodity to others, who may do with you as they please.

In any case, my hopes for the healing of social differences in Canada are seemingly being manifested in other ways, so Yay for that. But let’s hope it truly extends to all people, and that it isn’t merely a few Poster Child-scenarios, or reaching only the upper ranks of different social groups. Let’s hope, as Pastor John Gray preaches, that it’s peace, love, well-being for ALL.

As per The Book of John Gray: Chapter on Making Peace Religious episode (rerun on OWN, January 20/20), Pastor Gray says, “It feels like communities are being torn apart, and we are more divided than ever.” (exact quote to come) Pastor Gray is talking about “real life” on everyday streets – not just romanticized glossy realities in media and pop culture.

That’s what I myself have been sensing and experiencing – that Canadians are likewise only superficially connecting, with growing social divides, economic disparity, and political fragmentation.

Enter the The New World Order, with a strong re-unification of conservative parties in Canada and the U.S., while trying to be Centrist enough to draw in disillusioned voters of different political leanings. (My post about that was deleted, too.)


Despite how biting, bitter, and antagonistic I may sound or be – MY happiest moments have often been in creative collaboration with others in an entirely egalitarian fashion (though I have my moments of dogmatism). Yet, Big Brother would have people of all races conveniently see me as the “anti-Christ” to one and all – and especially, a threat to the status quo in Canada.

Yet, here we are with The New World Order and Technological Totalitarianism well underway (so what possible threat am I?).

I have given major chunks of my life, plus seen so many unnecessary tragedies; and now, my loved ones are being subtly threatened and gradually undermined health-wise, and my own health may take a turn for the worse.

I think I have given plenty more than I may have received (see “I Gave a Mountain…“).

And stay tuned for some pics (though others have gone missing). I just filed a complaint about the myriad issues that have been besieging me since launching this blog…

On a lighter note…

Even while living abroad for 4 out of the 5 or so years, I believe most would say that I did in many ways demonstrate Canadian values of decency, friendship, and respect for diversity, etc (though I had my moments of ‘internalized oppression’, too). And like most Canadians living abroad, I was always on the lookout for all things Canadian – like watching a movie on TV, and recognizing Canadian neighbourhoods and landscapes, which instantly made me homesick, and so on.

Here’s to a strong, renewed Canada, I guess.

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