I Gave a Mountain for (Some) Others to Stand On

During at least 3 or 4 key periods in my life, I have tried in my small way to contribute to a cause or organization bigger than myself. I wasn’t necessarily successful, but I gave of my WHOLE heart and soul.

However, in the ongoing situation of pernicious surveillance and harassment, and A Renewed Agenda for Global Colonialism – it has been a totally illegal and forced situation, with relationships filled with deep mistrust and antipathy, plus, zero respect. Every possible area, private moment, and boundary of my life has been violated, scrutinized, mined, and invaded. And on top of it all: (MIS)JUDGED.

One thing Big Brother seems to be hinting at is that I am somehow a “mooch” for relying on assistance, and thus, “taxpayers’ money”. Hence, the title of this post. The general public will never know how I have, unfortunately, helped shape things to come – most of which I never concerned myself with, beyond wanting to see greater socio-environmental healing and national unity in Canada.

Other periods of personal endeavour were:

  1. The work I did during my relatively short 2-year stint with an international airline; particularly initiating and developing a proposal for “Centralizing Information Management – Internally & Externally” (DOC TO COME).
  2. Another 2-year period of relentlessly obsessing over a cause of sorts, took place while I was studying in an Environmental Studies program:

    I idealistically tried to collaborate with schoolmates in co-developing an Independent Study course, so that we may directly apply our learning, skills and ideas to projects that may help improve and *green* the school itself – that is, creating a sustainable and eco-friendly learning environment, Faculty, university, and campus: A Living School for Learning.

    My peers shared similar desires for holistic and applied learning, as well as a pressing need for “safe space” to help facilitate our disparate, and at times, conflicting views, approaches, experiences, and so on (eg, meat-eater vs. veg; leather-use vs. vegan products; commerce vs. living off the land, etc).

    Also, an Anti-Racism Committee sprung up, that included students from the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programs, and I joined for a short while. Some assumed I had initiated it, having been rather outspoken, I guess, about fostering inclusivity, facilitating differences in a mutually-respectful way, and creating constructive dialogue and integrative solutions – yet, I am clearly NOT a leader. Moreover, I did not agree with ARC’s fundamental approach, which to me, only reproduces and reinforces more “political correctness”. This leads to pussyfooting, walking on eggshells, ass-covering, bureaucracy, legal rigmarole – and ultimately, dishonesty and festering resentments all the way around.

    As per the subtitle of this blog, I feel people should be free to be themselves, without tripping over and worrying too much about appropriate language and wording, or labels, etc. Honesty goes so much further toward finding workable and effective solutions to life’s complex problems – not to mention the emotional and psychological benefits of both self-expression and creating ‘psychic communion’.

    The ever-growing acronym used for queers is, to me, an example of going overboard and alienating people unnecessarily. I myself can only remember “LGBTQ”.

    Ah, just found it:

LGBTIP2SQQAPKA – Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, intersex, pansexual, two-spirit, queer, questioning, asexual, polyamorous, kinky, and allies. (Source.)

See my post about BDSM practitioners I met.

PS – I love my boyfriend in every way possible, and we would be far more sensual and active (since Big Bro loves to *watch*) if there weren’t certain hindrances.

Also, and this is big, I have moved out of his place, due to the anger etc I’ve been feeling about the constant online and offline parallel realities, well-timed “coincidences”, people, and persistent reminders of exactly how unwelcome I am in that town (see other posts; and Stay Tuned for how things may progress here at my mother’s place in Markham).

[NOTE: My aunt just texted me; she lives in Unionville, a neighbourhood and former village in Markham. Yet, her phone number shows “_____________, Ontario” underneath it, which is the town where my boyfriend happens to live. This happened a few hours after writing my comments about having left there. (See my “Stonewall, Manitoba” call, here).]

Just 4 months ago, I was on a friendly basis with Don’s friends, neighbours, and most of the once-nice people I encountered there. He and I often expressed our extreme appreciation for this otherwise excellent town – but alas, this is how totalitarian-type colonialism (as perpetrated by authorities) sets people APART.

But suddenly, I was experiencing reminders of how “inferior” I am as a person, a *potential thief to be watched*, subtle yet indisputable signs that Don’s home and my car had been entered and little things tampered with (see “Tampering, Theft, Threats“), plus, a target for health threats, and so much more.

There were also the various ‘games’ outside Don’s house. Again, totally dismissable things – yet put together, they could send subtle *threat signals*.

Once incident in particular became an epic power struggle. Depending on how one might interpret it, one could say I was expected to *knuckle under* by doing whatever actions were expected of me (disposing someone else’s left garbage on the porch). My resistant (deviant, rebellious) behaviour was met with a series of swift and ongoing rejoinders – for 4 WEEKS.

I do not hold the people there responsible. Basically, my ‘beingness’ as an independent woman++, are clearly an affront to all-powerful authorities (a.k.a “Big Brother”).

On a different note, the reminders and renewal of Canada’s historical foundings, constitutional monarchy, and royal ties, with the welcoming of Prince Harry and Princess Meghan into its fold, plus the various legal and immigration considerations that entails, may point the way of the future – in Canada, and beyond.

Geopolitical happenings, crises, and trends that sometimes defy logic and pre-2020 analysis, may be more clearly understood in light of Colonialism vs. Democracy, plus many of the benign topics I have touched on in this blog.

As Prince Harry himself said: “It is so much bigger than us.”

Besides creating a healthy, green, sustainable planet, geopolitics is not my concern. Although there are major problems arising from “Technological Totalitarianism,” which people everywhere should be concerned about.

What is my present struggle is the starkly contrasting, unbelievable lows of Canadian democracy in action. I and a growing number of people are currently under threat, plus having LITTLE OR NO RIGHTS as lawful Canadian citizens. This may seem hard to imagine in the year 2020, yet people from every walk of life – especially in technology, media, law, etc – are being co-opted (and some silenced) by authorities, as part of a larger scheme for Global Colonialism and A New World Order.

The royal pomp and glitter would be a great cause for celebration, if only it were matched by lawfulness, decency, and respect for the lives of innocent citizens, whose only misfortune is knowing or somehow being connected to me. (See “Emails,” and this post.) Believe it or not, organized crime-style tactics are being applied to my loved ones, myself, and others. It is truly an unnecessary and serious blemish on Canada’s reputation, with its proud and unique history and position in the world.

Ultimately, like every other political system around the globe, “my beingness – an expendable glitch” in their plans speaks volumes about how democracy (the courts, media, companies, etc) in North America will really function, from this day forth. Or whether the so-called “free world” has truly and effectively been permanently RUINED, as result of technology and the quest for global control.

Here’s what I learned: True patriotism is pointless, and dangerous to one’s health.

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