Being Muslim in Canada: Post-9/11

This is obviously a huge and complex issue, seldom addressed.

Discrimination experienced by Muslims in Ontario

Being fairly well-travelled, a 9/11 Truth Activist of sorts, and having had dearest friends, a few male lovers, and roommates, who are of Muslim background, I consider any pain or struggles Muslims may experience in a Post-9/11 world something that I also share and bear, and which I stand in solidarity against (when I am not myself feeling triggered or oppressed, and dealing with my own psycho-trauma).

I think it is incredibly important for people the world over to examine the glaring 9/11 anomalies (250+ basic facts) which poke many holes in the “Official Story” provided by the U.S. government. Support continuing research and stay cognizant about this pivotal topic, so people and future generations may be aware of the massive misinformation and aspersions that can be spread about an entire social group, race, religion, etc – and lead to unnecessary attacks.

9/11 and the World Trade Centre tragedy ushered in an *unprecedented* era of both domestic and international terrorism:

So, get your facts straight about 9/11 and the Collapse of the Twin Towers (search ‘9/11’ and ‘World Trade Center’ on this blog).

Those endeavouring to control the masses globally, may have experienced or have “historical consciousness” about some form of extreme persecution, and even genocidal wars.

My friend Helen Pearman Ziral researches, teaches, and offers healing for Inter-generational Spirit Injury – a little known subject with great potential to transform and heal people (link to come).

Intergenerational Trauma site

I myself can speak to the distant, disembodying, psychotically-detached state that one can fall into, after surviving relentless persecution, and death-dealing or threats to self and others (search “surveillance” and “harassment” on this blog). Such experiences can lead to extreme hypervigilance, vowing to never let such horrors happen to oneself again. Certain elites and supremacists share a psychotic drive for ultimate global control – perhaps to avoid both potential genocidal attacks or the dwindling of their populations. (Another huge topic that I know little about.)

All I know is, perpetual “fight-or-flight” mode – lasting YEARS – takes a serious toll on one’s mental health; hence, the profound PTSD I continue to experience, causing me to trigger others, and to become easily triggered. Very painful for a once-friendly person like me. (I cope, and pass as ‘normal’ and reasonably well-adjusted. However, my ability to fully trust and embrace people, and connect in a more meaningful way, is compromised.)

These repressed emotional and energetic wounds, which can be stored in the body, can also initiate unintended enmity with others. For me, this means lost opportunities to connect with interesting folks, and learn more about them: Building bridges and finding communion is fulfilling for every human being.

So, to my persecutors, I say: The TRUTH will set you free.

Sometimes, kindness and compassion can transform an entire situation. One brief moment sticks out in my mind about the healing power of goodwill amidst political oppression.

Building Trust and Bridges

While overseas, I learned about politeness to an even greater degree – and yet, having lost my self-confidence in stages, and becoming a shadow of the person I used to be (though I was partly introverted, anyway), this causes me to hang back in a lot of situations. Sometimes, I am overly respectful, and people are actually OFFENDED. They assume I am avoiding and negatively judging them, when deep down I don’t actually hold such thoughts – thought it may not come across that way. My whole energy field is f**ked.

This past Monday was one example of this, as the “mole” who came into the store after I had left, was already engaged in conversation, when I returned, and was asking questions of the younger man. So when I went to pay, of course, I did not step between them. Politeness!

Another time, I hurriedly moved my bag from a subway seat to make room for a woman; I think she assumed I was guarding my bag from her, as she immediately walked away in a huff. Perhaps you can appreciate how sensitive I am to social rejection – and overly communicative – all of which was very useful learning for Big Brother (2000 – 2005). One of their key responsibilities is studying, investigating, and controlling socially-diverse masses.

I wish to do right by others, yet I have experienced my own forms of control and subjugation by authorities. So I am well aware of the countless ways in which people – especially conspicuous people of colour or identifiable religions – can be easily co-opted or become willing collaborators in all sorts of political agendas and intrigue. For example, using hijab-wearing Muslim women journalists to report on certain polarizing or highly progressive topics and news stories.

I don’t know – but I have learned there are infinite ways for ultra-conservatives to manipulate and gradually undermine and undo the basic freedoms and equality that so many have fought for. As you will read elsewhere on this blog, 2nd-class citizenship, dialing back rights (to ZERO), and totalitarian control ARE possible in Canada.

Please search “9/11” and “World Trade Centre” on this blog for an albeit-brief and superficial discussion about the TRUTH behind 9/11 and the World Trade Centre attacks, which killed over 3,000 people, and continues to impact survivors today.

People from all walks of life and backgrounds have their pluses and minuses. That’s why I emphasize EMBRACING TRUTH, and co-creating “safe spaces” for social healing.

CONNECTING WITH EACH OTHER to continually foster goodwill and heal, may be what people can do in our rapidly changing, chaotic, and insecure world. No matter how wonderful one’s current life may be: EVERYONE NEEDS HEALING and RESTORATION. I used to have a Little Book of Hugs.

I truly wonder how future generations will develop and evolve. Current media themes and manipulations I am seeing are intriguing, indeed. Rousing the Beast.


“The long and forgotten history of Muslims in Canada”

“We’re all different. (This applies to Muslim women, too.)”

Reproduced from Shia News Association:

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