Technology and Environment: Global Implications

While writing the lengthy email post, below, touching on my thwarted communications and outreach attempts, I received a phone call from “Stonewall, Manitoba”.

(screenshot to come)

Just another subtle suggestion that forces are indeed out to block and silence me.

On Tue, Jan 21, 2020 at 5:06 PM, CanadaTruth wrote:

Dear Friends,

More thoughts on a different global crisis…

I and so many others do not deserve what the government / authorities have been subjecting us to through long-standing, illegal surveillance and recent covert, targeted harassment (November 16 to present, January 21).

This escalating situation has been carried out in the name of God, political power, suppression  and social control. Not preserving freedom or democracy, as some might try to argue. 

I’m sorry to bring this all to your doorstep, R. But they were likely ‘doing their thing’ to you, your store and social networks before I even met you. The past 18 years paved the way to today’s current “Technological Totalitarianism“.

Ultimately they are using their powers and resources, not for security or to fight real crime, or even for the good of citizens (just some) – but purely for socio-political control, greed and power of the elites, and other larger agendas. People from all walks of life are getting onboard – especially malleable young folks, or astute older generations.

It is a global and local ‘reshaping’ of society/ies in every facet and at every level, through a renewed colonial agenda – by every alluring or oppressive means possible. This will be achieved through combined technological, socio-psychological, medical and scientific analysis and applications – but at what unnecessary cost in lives etc, never mind the undoing of basic FREEDOMS for many, TRUTH, health and safety, or personal autonomy?

This is a coordinated, multi-outlet media show and well-crafted social media forum – except the World Wide Web has the potential to be partitioned (as I’ve been currently experiencing in various ways), and Google is moving towards the use of a ‘Privacy Sandbox’ in 2023.

Unbeknownst to people around the world, one’s ability to authentically connect with others – and even carry out one’s ‘real-world’ daily activities – can be effectively blocked, manipulated or subtly controlled through a combination of online and offline surveillance in every aspect of your life.

As reported: Even vacuums and tombstones are being built with surveillance technologies.

Scary, especially because freedom fighters of old are giving way to easily manipulated and largely indifferent, tech-crazy, social media-loving young people, who have no concept of life outside the bubble.

(screenshot to come)

So many unlikely ‘technical glitches’ can arise and be readily dismissed. Yet, these seemingly minor setbacks can nevertheless shape the course of your day.

For example:

The unannounced rescheduling of my Dad’s car ride appointment time (pretty vital for seniors and disabled people relying on this all-important service) – basically left him without transportation the day I was visiting him; or the disappearance of his driver re-testing appointment from Service Ontario‘s records, has now created a 3-month delay – and numerous other such anomalies my parents, boyfriend and I have been experiencing in the past month.

Everything technology-related has been experiencing some anomaly, malfunction, deletion, remote hacking and tampering, etc, with increasing regularity, since November 2019 – and particularly, since Christmas Day onward.

Speaking of strange developments – last week, there was the sudden reassessment of my father’s income taxes with a $1000 increase in tax; then, there were 2 visits by 2 men who sit on the Board of his new retirement residence, who insisted he join as a “Councillor” (despite his repeatedly declining), telling him they “have been observing him closely for a month“ and feel he is a good choice; they were going to appoint 2 people, but now they are “only picking him”

(These interactions have an odd undertone; slightly coercive or, at least, being put on the spot, and feeling one’s activities and personal life are being studied and monitored. They commented on other aspects of my father’s life – his past profession and work experience.)

Moreover, these 2 events transpired just a week after I wrote an open letter and call for action to my local “Councillor” and other government representatives, which included a copy of a letter about ‘security concerns’ I had sent my bank. These are both finance- and governance-related issues – just like the 2 incidents my father had to contend with the following week, seemingly out of nowhere.

Banking anomalies are just one of MANY technological, privacy, security or product integrity issues and failings I/we have been experiencing since December 2019 (eg, since writing that letter to my bank, I had 3 separate bank cards from 2 banks declined in one day; my parents, boyfriend and my cellphones are all experiencing similar signs of clear tampering and remote hacking – data deletion, insertion of *other people’s* photos, and suddenly enabling a “privacy block” feature that prevents me from reaching them, etc).

Technology’s power to *subvert* public power:

Besides the above scenarios…

Access to information can be curated to the point of complete censorship and media blackouts (my own situation being a case in point  – too much to explain here). This includes disappearing or hidden news articles, and playing down important or pivotal news events.

Or potential counterspin news stories involving various actors and media outlets; quite a few have borne a repeated and striking resemblance to specific topics – arguments – language and word choices contained in several of my missing or Draft blogposts and emails – only since late November 2019.

Basically, one’s emails, weblog, postings, even an ad to sell my father’s car online can be blocked or hidden from public outreach, disappear, or be rewritten. News articles and postings can be RETROACTIVELY INSERTED to ‘appear’ as older news and content – even on social media. Again, suggestive of high-level, backend access.

Global misinformation and data tampering can happen with one click.

As far fetched as it may sound – and yet proven and reported in various news fragments – geopolitics has come to roost in the GTA. The threat and battle for ‘global domination’, rebuilding Western civilization, and gaining supreme, totalitarian control are well underway. Everyday people, whom I know, like, care about, and respect, are rapidly realigning themselves with violent supremacists to ensure the above goals are being strategically met. Believe it, or not.

And yet, however cultured and urbane some of the most influential developments, events or media programming may appear to be – and delightfully entertaining! which I too enjoy – this is definitely and irreversibly a NEW WORLD ORDER.  And we are at best children or mere pawns – with parents who play clear favourites, and who tolerate very little non-compliance in the grand scheme of things.

Again, Bye-bye freedom, investigative truths, privacy, democracy, equal or even basic rights, health protections, autonomy, etc.

While I was rendered non-credible years ago – every single warning or prediction I made has since been manifested. 

“Brain Health”, Cognitive Decline and Bio-weaponry (stay tuned…)

I have discussed before the threats to my and others ‘brain health,’ and untimely or unlikely cognitive decline.

My/our experiences of the past 2.5 months have been an escalating and powerful shutdown of my efforts to first document, then report the problems to relevant companies, agencies and government representatives. The ‘radio silence’ has been overwhelming, as my seemingly minor yet all-encompassing complaints could connect and expose the larger issue of potential, all-powerful, totalitarian control in our technological society – or at minimum, corporate collusion and pernicious activities by those who may want to silence me, and render others powerless and at risk.

This is a global issue.

Why should Canadians and eco-activists everywhere care?

The absolute surveillance of all citizens everywhere, and co-opting of infinite players and participants, can facilitate things as seemingly unconnected as the downing of a plane, or a political hit, rioting, well-timed deaths, a toxic chemical spillage, or a large-scale infectious outbreak. The only way to prove this is if co-opted citizens were to break their silence.

Beyond technology’s far-reaching powers and influence – with our extreme social dependence and myriad political implications – I haven’t specifically discussed *environmental* sustainability concerns as the other global crisis, for 2 reasons:

  1. Nature mostly does fine without us;
  2. As per Mohandas ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi’s quote (?), below, an underlying key to widespread environmental stewardship is treating each other well and cultivating a sense of personal belonging and responsibility; plus, educating people and ensuring sustainable livelihoods to discourage overexploitation of unprotected environments, creatures, and resources; and likewise, ensuring our shared environments are not misused or polluted by powerful entities.

“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.”

– Mohandas ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi (1869 – 1948)

Image source:

(Quote above is also attributed to Chris Maser, Forest Primeval: The Natural History of an Ancient Forest (1989); yet, I am uncertain which claim is correct, as the attribution to Gandhi is pretty long-standing. Also, these other quotes were apparently “misattributed to Gandhi”: .)

[EDIT, Jan. 30/20: See my post, “The Future of Truth,” and comments about DISINFORMATION and “Life Inside a Bubble.”]

All-encompassing ease of surveillance.

It would take me a lengthy, detailed post to describe the ways one can be spied on, tracked, tampered with, and have one’s interests and activities recorded – based on my first-hand experiences.

To give you one frame of reference: webcams on new laptops are a mere 2.2 mm big.

Since December, many photos and videos on my phone, evidencing my repeated and all-encompassing technological failings, or many other indirect clues and/or concerted news events, disappear or are tampered with remotely ON A BRAND NEW DEVICE.

(And believe me, I’m a semi-Luddite with limited devices and know-how – yet I’ve had to make various purchases to aid in countersurveillance, and also eating pre-packaged or frozen foods almost exclusively since early December, after a seemingly tampered drink. Anyway, I do grasp what is or shouldn’t generally be possible with certain technologies, and I make note of anomalies.)

How dangerous and outrageous is all this?

Meanwhile, the people monitoring and responding to the incoming email and social media for countless organizations having socio-political interests, goals or popular influence are themselves often co-opted by and complicit with authorities and conservatives. (I’ve said this since 2003.)

Again, nothing wrong with traditional, old fashioned, or honest conservatism.

It’s the perversion of those values, through corrupt and underhanded efforts towards ubiquitous control, that is seemingly twisted. Without *progressives*, cultural creatives, and *free-spirited* folks, their lives and world would be pretty stark.

Some of us pre-Millenials (Baby Boomers, Generation X, etc) tend to idealize truth, accountability, and justice – whereas younger generations often seem to be a bit more self-involved. Millenials and Generation Z, etc, are bedazzled by the sparkly, shiny side of life, technologies, media, and so on – with seemingly less interest or loose grasp on ethics, higher principles, valuing privacy, investigative research, veracity, and life beyond the media-generated bubble. 

It is now ultimately a world where everyone is a watched and RECORDED pawn. Inside and outside their bedrooms and bathrooms, for a start. Everything observed about you can be made use of in infinite ways. And it is certainly NOT supportive of a free, beautiful (in every sense), glorious individuality IN ALL PEOPLE, whose basic sanctity and humanity should be respected – regardless of one’s age, gender, ethnicity, orientation, ability, political stripe, or differences of any kind. 

Can I effectively point out the perpetrators? I can only tell you what subtle, yet indisputable incidents I and my loved ones, to a lesser extent, have been experiencing in just a few short months. MEDIA FILES TO COME

I don’t know if you’ve seen Toronto’s plans to become a DIGITIZED CITY.

(My 1-week old photos of this CTV news story have disappeared; and my TV video recording of it has been deleted – and not by us).

And Google’s plans to make Toronto its first ‘Smart City’ has been pared back, but is still proceeding:



And why are the top news results about this reported by the BBC?

The behind the scenes malevolence and major cover-ups I am both experiencing and seeing are a far cry from the basic tenets that are supposed to form the foundation upon which these so-called spiritual groups are based, and the presumed values or “cultural practices” they are supposedly maintaining and trying to spread around the world.

Unfortunately, The Renewed Colonial Agenda is NOT at all about creating a safe, peaceful, lawful, healthy, liberating, equitable, autonomous, sustainable and mutual co-existence

Much like today’s young folks, I probably would not care much either, if I and my loved ones were not being threatened. Yet Freedom of Speech and Thought have always been important to me – even in the face of oppressive realities. 

I am a complete nobody, honestly. Just a person with some unhealed trauma, and emotional and energetic wounds; yet, I proved to be a useful learning tool and fertile ‘case study’ to authorities (who serve the elite), in their quest for power and now *global control*. Power to them.

I hate to say it, but my recent experiences of it all indicate corrupt means and actions, collusion, undermining the rule of law as well as personal principles in a seeming xenophobic self-preservation, and a “Winner Takes All” mentality.  

Thanks for reading. 

NOTE: Here are the Office of the Privacy Commissioner’s “Guidelines for the Use of Video Surveillance of Public Places by Police and Law Enforcement Authorities.” No such guidelines were or have ever been followed in my desperate surveillance and harassment situation.


The dismissal of impassioned truth-teller Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman by U.S. President Donald Trump after the Impeachment Trial – and his brother Uevgeny to boot – clearly demonstrate the vengefulness of the powerful against those who would seek to uphold the rule of law and ethics.

In late December 2019, President Trump was teetering tenuously near the brink of being ousted by impeachment, and even abandonment by some of his hardcore political base of evangelical Christian Right. Yet, as of February 6, 2020, Trump has been acquitted and is possibly more powerful than ever before – due to a convergence of factors and forces.

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