Being Decent in a World of Chaos: Integrity, Power

A heap of unbelievable problems have beset me in recent weeks (see this post, and ‘Personal’ pages – to come); yet, I will continue writing until I feel this blog somewhat conveys the vision and holistic development, integral respect, hope, empowerment, freedom, and sustainability that could be possible for all people and environments – and hopefully, these may be based on truth, and cultivated in an atmosphere of trust and meaningful integrity.

It helps when you, “Make Your Values Mean Something,” according to Patrick M. Lencioni.

All of this may sound wildly naive and overly idealistic, but why not aim high?

I do know from many incredible individuals – from all walks of life and areas of achievement, huge or humble – that “IT’S ALWAYS POSSIBLE“, as per Kiran Bedi’s transformation of Asia’s largest, brutally corrupt jail into a virtual paradise. Among other things, Bedi has tirelessly campaigned to help restore the rule of law in India. (See some additional commentary on unfortunate geopolitics in this post, “Canada and World Politics”.)

Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl – having survived one of the most horrific, dehumanizing, genocidal realities – offers many hard-won insights and sound approaches to upliftment in any circumstance. Frankl developed logotherapy, considered the 3rd school of Viennese psychotherapy, after pioneering psychoanalysts Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.

This short summary on Frankl’s logotherapy offers very helpful practical tips and insights for anyone seeking mental well-being, or may be facing tough challenges. I highly recommend it. – highly recommended for leisure reading – shared this overall thought and wise words from the Austrian psychotherapist…

"In considering the human capacity for good and evil and the conditions that bring out indecency in decent people, Frankl writes:

‘Human kindness can be found in all groups, even those which as a whole it would be easy to condemn.'”

(Do note that Big Brother – who has been fully empowered by technology’s ‘all-knowing, all-seeing’ capabilities since at least 2000 – is able to track your every action, expression, gesture, thought (almost), mood, and personal whereabouts to the point that they can remove an important item from one’s car (a tainted cup of tea), should you leave it unattended for a mere 15 minutes. YES, IT HAPPENED TO ME on December 8, 2019. Read ‘Archive‘ page for more articles on Technological Totalitarianism, etc.)

German-Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt’s great work definitely needs revisiting in these trying times. Like Arendt, I would definitely argue that “banality of evil” is alive and thriving, with widespread implications for people and environments everywhere. Critiquing Arendt’s personal inconsistencies between thought / theory and lived reality does not make her overall theory less valid. It’s necessary and important to record and analyze such discrepancies, yet “academic purism” can get in the way: Hannah Arendt was simply being human.

So, Arendt’s “insistence in various writings that any act of compromise with evil is wholly immoral,” may be how one feels *in the moment* – yet we must all live in relationship with one another (and organizations):  LIFE IS CONTEXTUAL.

I haven’t looked into conflict resolution – and I should, since I’m the Queen of Conflict – but from my personal point of view, the key barriers to overcoming conflict (which I am currently plagued by) are:

  1. Power inequities;
  2. Finding ‘higher ground’ on which to establish trust and good communications;
  3. Actively building mutual trust and effective communications;
  4. Willingness to act with integrity – on all sides (often a key challenge in imperialistic power struggles, or worse, genocidal wars and related agendas);
  5. Companies, governments, and organizations selling complete falsehoods to exploit and control the masses.

    ( is well worth a read – although technically pointless, as authorities pretty much have your privacy all wrapped up, as evidenced by the unbelievable digital and web product and service failings, privacy breaches, break and entry, and various tampering I’ve been experiencing for the past 6 weeks; and previously, in 1998 to 2005.)

75 Quotes on Integrity” by BOS

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