Random Thoughts: Integrity & Social Control

Though I was born and raised in Canada many decades ago, I can tell you exactly what it’s like to be totally powerless and thoroughly spied upon (1998 to 2005).

And now, in just a matter of weeks (November 14, 2019 to present), I am seemingly without rights – civil, labour, and consumer (TBD) – and worse off than a non-citizen. Few would believe it, in these seemingly progressive and outwardly liberating times.

Ironically, as legal expert Emily F. Carasco, LL.B., LL.M., S.J.D. (see link above), and most would tell you, “Canada has been a preferred destination for many – whether they may be visitors, asylum seekers or permanent residents”.

Well, welcome to the New World Order!

It is becoming clear from the behaviours, attitudes, words, and actions of many of my family, friends, and neighbours, that they are obviously being co-opted under threats to wellness. Anyway, few would believe it.

Excerpted from my other post…

Also, one might wonder why the hell would they focus all this effort and attention on little ol’ me?

There are 6 reasons:

1. I was threatened with RCMP investigation in 1997 over a passport misunderstanding, after which low-level monitoring activity seemed to begin.

2. I went to India, despite the Passport Security Office’s seeming disapproval; then returned a year later, and entered an Environmental Studies program, which had a lot of switched-on activists.

3. While surveilling me, which gradually turned into harassment by 2001, I attempted to countersurveille and broadcast my increasingly pernicious situation as widely as possible.

4. While studying me, my ideas for socio-environmental improvements and willingness to apply private sector learning and ideas (though a great deal of the innovative thinking often originated from the Left or grassroots, or from specific cultures), my increasing disempowerment and alienation as people disbelieved me and turned away, my mental deterioration, the authorities played ridiculous games with me, while simultaneously using aspects of my life for their own agendas (TBD).

5. Not only have I watched Technological Totalitarianism evolve to the point there is virtually nothing on earth that is not watched, recorded, manipulated as necessary, and ultimately, controlled, but I was an early proponent of privacy rights, ethical oversight, and so on, in a post-2001 world. Now, it is far too late – in spite of all these major companies promoting their privacy and security measures. It’s the biggest con job ever, and a far more beguiling totalitarian world than those of the past. Yet still deadly, and capable of being perpetrated en masse, among groups, individually, etc.

6. Without having blatant proof, I’ve nevertheless exposed tiny bits and pieces of what is actually a huge picture, which includes a growing alliance between hardcore, Far Right, supposedly Christian supremacists and everyday, sane-minded discerning Caucasians and like-minded others (people of colour, vulnerable co-opted immigrants of colour, etc). And in fact, long-time or native-born pre- Millennials of colour are more of a threat to the ‘renewed colonial agenda worldwide’. I am being deliberately vague.

Due to the prolonged stress and trauma I experienced, as a result of totally invasive, corrupt, and life-threatening surveillance and harassment – particularly from 2002 to 2005 – my already-compromised communication skills have become 10X worse.

I mention this now because – although the media files I will eventually be posting indirectly corroborate some of the key issues I raise in this blog, and even raise new ones – I am also not the best communicator or spokesperson for matters affecting a whole society, or the world.

Let me be clear: the seemingly ‘random’ incidents and pernicious threats – which have now subtly spread to my parents, boyfriend, relatives, and others – have resurfaced with a vengeance recently, since late September 2019.

Nothing, or almost nothing, has happened to me or us for 14 years. Now, in the past 6 weeks, I have been encountering all-encompassing interference and control over every aspect of my life – both online and offline – including poisoned or compromised relationships.

So hopefully, people may excuse my moments of bitterness, anger, and resentment that may surface, as I address myriad issues on this blog and elsewhere. Until September (3 months ago), I’ve been a relatively happy camper since meeting my boyfriend a few years ago.

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