Canada and World Politics

NOTE: To be honest, I’ve never really thought about “world domination,” or the building of an “empire”, until this very moment – despite the fact that my writing often seems to involve analyzing “power issues”, and such. But much like this blog, I am both a ridiculous idealist and a lifelong bumbler.

Please don’t expect well-informed and cogent discussions about global politics here. I am merely painting broad strokes about various socio-political realities, tensions, and pressures that exist within Canada, and are fragmenting and pulling the country in too many directions at once.

That was the original purpose of this blog: To help promote social healing, mutual understanding, and shared objectives = National Unity.

Sadly, a growing network of people in Canada and beyond are being co-opted into a renewed colonial agenda. Perhaps out of necessity in today’s geopolitics; and yet, the vast majority of everyday people, who have little interest in politics or dominating others – and are NOT trying to undermine existing power structures – are nevertheless being coerced and pulled-in to serve corrupt authorities’ objectives. (Again, no blatant proof, except my niggly photos, videos, screenshots – as yet to be uploaded.)

In hindsight, my longstanding enthusiasm for transformational Indian activists like Kiran Bedi, Anna Hazare, and of course, Mohandas ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi, who came before them, has perhaps both benefited and undermined India. ( See ‘Vision‘ page for info on Bedi and Hazare, yet note, it’s still being edited; I tend to veer to extremes, in an effort to cultivate mutual trust.)

For example, I am seeing what seem like deliberate moves to create unnecessary upheaval in India, and the world at large: Divide and Conquer. Like the recent legalization of India as a Hindu nation,where minorities, especially Muslims, are second-class citizens” (note the reprint error at the end of the article). Then, the U.S. and Israel currently building bridges with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, perhaps to harness that country’s huge talent pool. I also sense they are trying to rally forces against China’s increasingly monolithic power.

Again, see ‘Vision‘ page (in progress), which nevertheless exemplifies how I am pulled in many different directions by my love for Canada, and my once-deep concern for ALL people, non-human species, inanimate or non-living entites, and environments, alike. Please read about Kiran Bedi and Anna Hazare.

Ironically, my early-2000s blog on illegal surveillance and Canada’s future has actually informed and empowered Far-Right white supremacists, who are willing to resort to death-dealing in various forms, yet have gradually built a mainstream alliance with everyday, sane-minded Caucasians (and diverse others), by rekindling a sense of pride and pragmatism in Western civilization and its renewal worldwide, particularly of course, among those who are of British ancestry (who, themselves, have a complex socio-political history in Canada).

By all means! I support that 100%. But unfortunately, it will not be based on true principles of ‘Freedom’, ‘Equality,’ ‘Democracy,’ ‘Rule of Law,’ and so on. Nooo. Also, I have since discovered that people like me are not really part of their agenda or vision (except to be exploited, then eliminated, as the “pig wearing lipstick” fool I am *grin*); I was but a serviceable resource, and ongoing plaything to be toyed with and tormented, as they see fit.

This news clip on MSNBC better captures the true nature of The New Agenda (to come):

Fact 1: Caucasians are one of the smallest racial groups, compared with populous countries like China, Africa, and India. And Hebrews and Jews are a particularly small, yet vastly influential group. (Note: Many of my biggest heroes and favourite people are Hebrew or Jewish, and I wish there were many more such incredible people. In analyzing ‘conspiracies’, I’ve discovered over time that one’s very own ethnic or religious group can actually perpetrate dastardly acts against one’s own kind – like eliminating free-thinkers or subversive elements; or even setting-up a huge tragedy (cough, 9/11) to create counter-attacks, etc. Ach, it’s all over my head.)

Fact 2: The tiny nation of Britain was once the largest empire in world history.

Fact 3: English remains the international language of both business and education.


(Due to persistent ‘technical glitches’ and active interference – videos to come, you may have to click the links below the news titles.)

“Federal parties being warned of efforts by 6 foreign countries to influence election: sources”

Officials warned China, India could use communities in Canada to advance agendas”

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