Free Speech and Media Suppression

(Photo by ilker from FreeImages)

This blog started off very simply to put forward a holistic vision for socio-environmental well-being, while striving for national unity in Canada – and hopefully, encourage a non-partisan discussion on these important topics.

Perhaps I persist in this endeavour, because I’ve had a taste of ‘paradise’. One where all people are respected and empowered, wisdom is a guiding force, and while hierarchies may continue to exist, they are governed by or imbued with TRUTH, INTEGRITY, ETHICS, TRANSPARENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY, RESPECT, DIGNITY, and an inherent consideration of PLANETARY WELL-BEING.

However, since Day 1 (November 16, 2019), I have experienced an unbelievable and seemingly inconceivable amount of website / email / internet tampering, as well as threats to my safety and well-being, and that of others’.

I wouldn’t want to think that all these large companies (Google/Gmail, Apple) and mainstream media – as well as actual privacy-advocacy companies, like my 2 email providers – are colluding with authorities (CSIS, the FBI) to suppress free speech of one solitary individual.

And yet, what am I to think when:

1. My emails do not appear to reach their intended recipients;

2. A key email detailing cellphone hacking (and possibly other emails) has completely disappeared from my Gmail account;

3. Photos I sent from my iPhone (and received at a different email account) turned out to be completely different from the ones I originally selected; and

4. My own blog provider does things like removing my blog’s email forwarding addresses? And if not them, then who?

As for #4, I had followed the necessary steps to set up 2 custom email addresses as forwarders, two weeks ago: ‘‘ and ‘‘…


Here is proof of that, below:


Yet today, when I tried to set up a FaceBook account, I discovered my email address is no longer valid. I went back to my blog admin page, and sure enough, they are both gone.

I/we actually have a whole slew of things going on – including breaking and entering (both home and car), theft and signs of tampering (subtle yet undeniable, in a likely attempt to discredit me and my ‘sanity’?), threats to health and safety of both myself and those who are in any way associated with me, and presumably actual attempts to undermine my health (brain, etc). Further discussion to come.

The above are in addition to all the website / internet / email anomalies and tampering, which I have barely touched upon.

I can hardly keep up – which is why I hope you may revisit or follow this blog, as well as help circulate it. (Note: Some posts are a work in progress.)
Thank you.

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