Women’s Equality and Canadian Espionage

I am currently under pernicious surveillance – and those I care about are also vulnerable and at risk. (More about CSIS’s tactics here.)

Basic monitoring began in 1998, but gradually intensified into 24/7 surveillance, harassment and much worse, as I became a very interesting *case study* for intelligence agencies. Being me, I attempted to expose their illegal, corrupt, and harmful activities, and I fought for my very personhood until 2005, when I had a nervous breakdown and my credibility was shot.

Through my surveillance blog (2004 to 2005), which I began as a desperate attempt at self-protection, I essentially forewarned about techno totalitarianism, long before it was on most people’s radars (also see, ‘The Rise of Totalitarian Technology‘ – both are must-reads by far more cogent writers).

People did not believe me, naturally; and yet now, the public is completely habituated by ‘Big Data’ and have been lulled into passivity and acceptance of corporate, governmental, and security agency dictates – which means real truth, privacy, autonomy, rule of law, justice, and meaningful dissent go out the door.

I am reposting an entry from my surveillance blog in 2005, below.

I am well aware that, unlike Trump, I do not speak the language of millenials and Gen Z, who think it is totally acceptable that every aspect of their lives are invaded, tracked, recorded, analyzed, and ultimately, manipulated and controlled. I sure don’t know how to disseminate this information in 140-character sound bites, a la Twitter.

Women’s equality and Canadian espionage

Written and circulated January 11, 2005
(slightly edited November 24, 2019)

Please allow me to clarify my previous posts [to Toronto Women’s Call to Action; now Toronto Women’s City Alliance – a gender equity taskforce that was working with Toronto City Council] and reframe the argument I am making for gender equity and autonomy.
I have questioned the possibility of government moles and other behind-the-scenes control in the gender equity movement.
I have also suggested that government security bodies have long been engaged in not only observing, but also actively infiltrating and manipulating women’s organizations, and controlling community activists to hinder social progress. This means limited change, and not real transformation.
I have met several women, who have experienced RCMP surveillance. Even renowned Canadian singer Rita MacNeil was on their blacklist – THIS 2008 CTV NEWS LINK WAS REMOVED 3 DAYS AFTER I POSTED IT: ‘RCMP spied on Rita MacNeil, feminists in 1970s‘.
[NOV. 2019, NOTE 1: Almost all the news articles I linked to on my surveillance blog, including the one above, are conveniently no longer available – despite being from major news media outlets (eg, CBC, CTV, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, PBS, New York Times, Time, etc), as well as some independent news sources. How I most likely came under FBI surveillance and ‘worlds collided’ with CSIS, is the topic of another post. My blog was extremely vocal about 9/11, U.S.-Canadian politics, corporate media blackouts, and so on. But beyond that, while studying my unbelievable life journey, I have reason to believe they benefited from my unique experiences and challenging viewpoints, combining both corporate and co-operative experiences with (at the time) Far-Left values and politics. Anyway, here are other articles about RCMP spying on singer Rita MacNeil and the women’s movement in the 1970s.]

Rita MacNeil included in RCMP’s spy campaign on women’s movement in 1970s


(If the one above disappears, click here.)

Rita MacNeil dumbfounded by RCMP file

Wake up, folks – the spying never stopped. Various indicators suggest, to me, that unseen forces are at work – yet most people still find it difficult to conceive of intelligence spies and plants. Even other activists are trusting and accepting, in this respect.
I have several reasons for believing that government security bodies do keep abreast of women’s activism, and do deter or mould developments, as necessary.
Here’s why I think so:
1)I have heard of cases where the RCMP wiretaps progressive women’s groups, particularly those with queer women, and they kept files on each individual. (Why? Were/Are they a threat to society and security, or just the Status Quo?)
2)I myself believe I have been under government surveillance and harassment for several years.(I was threatened with RCMP investigation in December 1997, and have since had countless strange happenings and harassing incidents.)

[NOV. 2019, NOTE 2:

#2 is a complete understatement, but no one believed me when I ranted hysterically about all the things that were happening to me – and others – which on the surface seem innocuous and explainable. Here’s what I can say, but only have a mish-mash of indirect evidence:
– My then-apartment, my parents’ home (where I currently live), my partner’s place, and others were/are still under video surveillance – despite our being ordinary, lawful citizens (ok, I’m sometimes a free-spirited rebel, but the rest of my family are proper people, some with notable achievements);
– Besides that, my home was repeatedly entered, things were tampered with or went missing;
– My phone, emails, computer, etc;
– An employer (2003) and present (2019);
– I was deliberately hit hard on the head by 2 different people, neither of whom apologized and both made it clear it was intentional. (The 2nd time was by a tall, blonde male with a friend, and I was sobbing my guts out at a payphone over my mentally-handicapped uncle’s death, which I, alone, believe was planned and had forewarned of 1 year before. With tears streaming down my face, and convulsing with grief, I demanded to know why he hit me. He turned to his buddy, and said: “Oh, we thought you were a guy, didn’t we;” he turned to his friend, and they laughed.) Previous to the 2 assaults, I had talked openly about my minor past head injuries, and my successful treatment by a TCM herbalist). But I had finally gotten effective treatment in Asia. It was a major milestone in my health journey, and I will be posting more about this on the new blog.]
[DEC. 2019, NOTE 3: I just found out my oldest friend, whose mother is still close to my mother, suffered an inexplicable concussion 1 month ago and has been off work ever since. She is an extremely fit and healthy, strong-willed and highly capable 4th-generation Chinese-Canadian woman, who worked closely with the Mayor of Markham for many years. In the past 3 weeks, I myself have experienced new anomalies relating to “brain health”, far different than the overt “head shots” directed at me in 2003 to 2005 – discussion to come.]

3)Someone I know personally was under surveillance by RCMP and CSIS during the 1970s for having innovative ideas on how government could function more effectively, while strengthening the participation and involvement of women. This person’s PhD thesis in Political Science examines theories and phenomena around women’s empowerment in Canada.
  1. She was subsequently accused of being a ‘Communist,’ while working as a Deputy Minister for the federal government, if I recall. There were attempts to fire her, despite her clearly positive work on women’s behalf. Then, what happened? Identifiable women of colour, who ‘fit into the system,’ started heading up women’s organizations. This disenfranchised Caucasian / white feminists, and thereby pitted gender against race. (A Divide and Conquer strategy, perhaps?)
  1. Her case and the surveillance issue were to go before the House of Commons, but they suddenly dropped it the day before. Friends, neighbours, and others, had been asked to co-operate in the surveillance; yet some decent people refused.
    (Sadly, in our current times, no one has the nerve, nor personal ethics, to stand up to the RCMP and CSIS.)

4)I shared similar views and ideas with the woman above re: innovating government and the participation of minorities (ie, women, people of colour, queers/LGBT, etc), so I’m not surprised that, for different reasons, the surveillance and harassment I seem to have been under for 3+ years has escalated to similarly drastic proportions.

[EDITED: (Note: She is older than me, and Irish-Canadian. We share a common belief in strong nation-building and socio-environmental responsibility.)]

5)Today’s advanced technologies (2005) have vastly improved government’s ability to surveille and profile people, as well as infiltrate and influence groups (organizations, institutions, media outlets, and so on). Heck, anyone and their tiny cellphone can record pics/videos/audio – just think what the government can do.

[DEC. 2019, EDIT: People’s commitment to ethical conduct has also rapidly deteriorated in Canada. Pressing people into service is not difficult nowadays. One merely has to exploit their self-interest based on EITHER:

i) Their concern about too much multiculturalism in Canada; or

ii) Their ever-present vulnerability either as a person of colour, or as an immigrant (from any country/continent), which may include long-held or existing prejudices; or

iii) Their simple need or desire to earn a buck and/or gain favour with Canadian government intelligence agencies.

(Believe me, the unofficial-CSIS learned a lot about both mass recruitment and cultivating co-operation, partly by observing my serial employment in the highly transient hospitality industry; I have worked everywhere, from the Distillery District to the CNE, and a Warden subway station sandwich shop to the Granite Club – plus everything in-between. Similarly, they gleaned much from my social experiences, personal neuroses (that’s a doozy), and my many emails on myriad subjects. I would also say my interest in group facilitation, my proactive entrpreneurial spirit – in my amateurish way, suggesting ways for businesses to boost their business or enhance outreach – combined with an extremely Left-wing mindset (though now Left-of-Centre) has been incredible fodder for Right-wing interests. See my post, “)

[NOV. 2019, ARTICLE:

Robert Kraft case reveals how police can secretly install cameras inside a private business [and homes, for that matter!]

So let me get back to a basic question: What is the point of gender equity?
– Is it that women don’t want to be asking for handouts or favours?
– Shouldn’t women be equally involved in decision-making processes, have equal access to resources, and help plan how these are used?
– Don’t women contribute greatly to communities, the nation, and so on?
– Aren’t women equally capable of being holistic thinkers and problem-solvers, who can contribute to and improve socio-economic progress and environmental stewardship?
Women are half the population. Things will not improve unless women are actively involved and represented in governance. But how can we help make this happen, when: 1) we’re not looking at the bigger picture (burdened and overwhelmed, as many of us may be), and 2) we’re not even following fair, open, or democratic methods within this group?
Below are several links. One article touches on how Sheila Copps was basically shunted to the side by her peers and fellow candidates during the Liberal leadership campaign. To the credit of the NDP, they had no problem in electing a female party leader in Audrey McLaughlin (1989 to 1995). No need for rat-race politics and sexist snubbing.
‘Politically Incorrect’ – Arthur Weinreb
I’m not necessarily pro-Sheila Copps. But I think it says a lot about the state of sexism in all levels of Canadian government, never mind talking about the Liberal party, whom people still naively favour and who is bringing about Canada’s undoing. Politically-speaking, women in Canada are *not* moving ahead: we’re falling behind.
Canada is falling behind in women’s representation (fact page now gone).
Article below reminds one of the less glorious aspects of war, one which Canada is complicitly supporting.
‘Violence against women: The unacknowledged casualties of war’ – Irene Khan
Men are equal victims of convenient ideologies and propaganda. See ‘Support Our Troops’ (bottom of page). http://bestoftheblogs.com/2004_12_18_bestof.html#110338035710078623
If being on this gender equity list, or participating in this group, is about toeing the line and obeying rank-and-file positioning, progress will be limited. Exactly what the government would like. Sure, there may be a few minor achievements, here and there, but overall, not much change.
See article by Naomi Klein about NGOs toeing the line: http://www.commondreams.org/views03/0620-06.htm
Also, if you feel having women in positions of power is important – regardless of their politics – all I can say is: Hello, Condoleezza Rice.
Canada is rapidly solidifying its position alongside the United States and their political and military agendas. If you still don’t believe that our government (and theirs) is actively observing, eavesdropping in on, and controlling women’s groups using well-versed and even well-established operatives (of all backgrounds), you may want to think again.
ps – I’ve been looking into computer hardware (routers) to shield my internet activities – [Edit: not because I was doing anything illegal, but I’m simply a progressive person and have also been going down a rabbit hole of learning more about privacy issues and measures, while wanting to connect with people who truly believe in defending civil liberties. ] But I’m quickly discovering that data mining and eavesdropping by security bodies are extremely advanced and insidious. [They spied on my every sexual encounter.]

[NOV. 2019, NOTE 5: The 2nd article below about Andrew Mitrovica’s book, Covert Entry: Spies, Lies and Crimes Inside Canada’s Secret Service, is no longer found, so I am adding this much-later article by Mitrovica himself:

Who’s watching CSIS? Not Ottawa — and not the media

Covert entry: the inside story of the CSIS and the ‘unholy ghost’

About delusions:

I just had to post this excerpt from Bipolar World‘s definition of delusions:

In other cases, the delusion may be assumed to be false by doctor or psychiatrist assessing the belief, because it seems to be unlikely, bizarre or held with excessive conviction. Psychiatrists rarely have the time or resources to check the validity of a person’s claims leading to some TRUE beliefs to be erroneously classified as delusional.[5] This is known as the Martha Mitchell effect, after the wife of the attorney general who alleged that illegal activity was taking place in the White House. At the time her claims were thought to be signs of mental illness, and only after the Watergate scandal broke was she proved right (and hence sane).

[Book reference from original webpage:

[5] Maher, B.A. (1988) Anomalous experience and delusional thinking: The logic of explanations. In T. Oltmanns and B. Maher (eds) Delusional Beliefs. New York: Wiley Interscience. ISBN 0471836354]

Contrary to being the ravings of a paranoid lunatic, it turns out my urgent concerns in 2000 to 2005 about widespread surveillance leading to North American totalitarianism
have turned out to be quite true. (I had not really explored the news and politics beyond that perimeter, though I did watch the selling-out or virtual and/or physical disappearance of die-hard privacy and liberty defenders around the globe.)

This is what I wrote 14 years ago (2005):
Just remember this: In a wired world, digital conveniences don’t only serve their end-users. The single, most far-reaching consumer product that is undoing public power, democracy, privacy rights, and grassroots autonomy is: the cellphone.
This article summarizes the U.S. historical and legal precedents of technological surveillance, dating back to 1928 (note the time gap between 1979 and 2010):
Here is a 2018 article on the topic of unsecured phones:  https://ssd.eff.org/en/module/problem-mobile-phones
And other articles:

It’s too easy for the government to invade privacy in name of security

This one paints a rosy picture of the Canadian privacy situation, but that is not really how security bodies operate here:  www.lawnow.org/the-production-of-cell-tower-records-breaches-canadians-privacy-rights/

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