Blog Tampering…

Wow, Entire Page Gone

December 23, 2019

Was digging around for my writing about

November 21, 2019 – Foreign powers, organized crime, or CSIS?

Since Wednesday, November 27, I have been experiencing slight editing of my content – beyond the software error messages and glitches I’ve encountered since launching this blog.

Yet, the small edits are to my grammar, which gives it a writing style like a non-native English speaker. This is far more in keeping with the kind of “Divide & Conquer” tactics of CSIS, rather than an Asian Triad group or a foreign government. The Canadian government’s security intelligence service – in my past experience – continually hope for and rely upon such assumptions by any readers of my blog(s), with my admittedly wild claims and hyper-social analysis. Yet, they are ALWAYS born out in reality.

I warned of Techno Totalitarianism and Big Data, long before any of us had a term for it.

I was a boon to CSIS and the FBI – a very interesting *case study* – and hence, for the respective conservative government parties (Conservatives in Canada, and Republicans in the U.S.), and corporations.

For example:

Both in 2004 and in 2019, I have repeatedly said the Liberal Party is becoming “Canada’s undoing”. This has been a cue to the Conservatives to step it up, employ Leftist strategies (much like how I apply marketing-type strategies and corporate thinking to my basically Left-to-Centre values).

I’ve never done anything illegal, but I do confront and challenge others. And I have continually tried to protect my privacy – to no avail. And now, with my PTSD, I get easily triggered and also push other people’s buttons, and naturally, they attack me. I wish I could’ve recorded my recent therapy session, in which I summarized 20-plus years of my life: My experiences abroad (I originally wanted to work my way around the world), how I came to be under surveillance and how it escalated as I tried to regain my privacy from their snooping ways (including watching who I was physically intimate with)

Something to think about.

December 1, 2019 – 113 Trackers!

I noticed my tracking alerts for my ‘Vision‘ page was unbelievably high – 113 trackers, and 9 domains connected.

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