FBI and World Trade Centre Attack

FBI and World Trade Centre Attack


You may be thinking this topic is not your cup of tea, but kindly read on for a stunning look at the North America you *thought* you were living in…


PENTTBOM is the codename for the FBI’s probe into the World Trade Centre ‘9/11’ attacks, which tragically took place on September 11, 2001. (See my other post.)


Yet, here are a few facts about PENTTBOM, its Wikipedia page, and the FBI’s own website pages:

  1. PENTTBOM stands for Pentagon/Twin Towers Bombing Investigation”.

    – Yet, in the past 18 years since ‘9/11’, not once has the U.S. government or the 9/11 Commission (tasked with providing a “complete account” of this epic tragedy), nor the FBI or the American mainstream media EVER talked about the ‘9/11’ attack as involving ANY BOMBS.
  2. It took 18 long years for ONE official body to come forward and say, Yes, bombs were used in 9/11 (so says a New York City Fire Commission, who were actually at Ground Zero, helping to rescue people that day).

    And yet, just 3 weeks after this world-stopping horror, the FBI had all this information about the attackers, and made their conclusion, leading the U.S. to declare war on Iraq and Afghanistan.
  3. I went to the FBI’s official webpage, and specifically, their “9/11 Investigation” page, which is found under “History > Famous Cases & Criminals”. I did a search for “PENTTBOM”: Nothing came up.
  4. I went back to the FBI homepage and searched for “PENTTBOM,” again, nothing substantive. The first search result is this video and transcript of Special Agent H.S. In it, he says of the “PENTTBOM” team: “What we initially did is basically went after the known.”
  5. The PENTTBOM Wikipedia page is unbelievably short – it does not mention anything about “BOMBS” being used – and it focuses mainly on 3 things:

    i) The found passports of the alleged hijackers;
    ii) The identities of the 19 hijackers; and
    iii) Linking the hijackers to al Qaeda, a Muslim terrorist organization.
  6. This webpage was updated as recently as 4 days ago – November 13, 2019 – and the very FIRST posting was made on August 10, 2005, according to its ‘View History’ tab. That’s nearly 4 years after the buildings collapsed, and the FBI investigation began. You just have to read it for yourself!
  7. Not only that – at the bottom of the webpage is a list of ‘External Links’, including a supposed PENTTBOM timeline of 9/11, and yet:
    1. That link leads to cooperativeresearch.org, which was a “9/11 Timeline” website compiled by an American activist, whom I believe I met in September 2003 – during the ‘9/11′ Citizens’ Truth Inquiry. It was NOT THE FBI’S WORK!!!

      (NOTE: That extensively researched and factually detailed website is now nowhere to be found online.)
  8. Wikipedia is the Internet’s “free encyclopedia” that countless people around the world go to for information about infinite topics. This PENTTBOM page is about the entire FBI investigation into 9/11, which spanned several years apparently (though no time frame can be found anywhere, neither in the article or elsewhere). Interestingly, the umbrella FBI Wikipedia page, WikiProject FBI, is now defunct. Seems no one on Wikipedia has been keeping any account of the FBI’s work since 2011.

In short, the FBI themselves and Wikipedia offer almost no investigative details about PENTTBOM’s work on 9/11, except to say passports and a couple of notes helped them name 19 hijackers and their al Qaeda connection.

So what about the BOMBS that imploded

See this short page for yourself:


(My Gmail is suddenly not allowing me to upload images, so am posting directly to my blog…)

(NOTE: If you think these “computer glitches happen to everyone”, please know that I sat at this computer for 7 hours writing and compiling this post, while saving it diligently. Then, I came back, and it was ALL ERASED. Arghh!)

As you may read from my other post, the whole reason I got on this topic is because I was originally involved in the “9/11 Truth Movement“, which has questioned the U.S. government’s “Official Story” since Day 1. And FINALLY – 18 years later – someone in authority has come out and said that BOMBS were indeed used in the World Trade Centre collapses, which indicates an “inside job”. This is the conclusion of one of the Fire Commissions is New York City, who were among the first on the scene of the 9/11 tragedy.
I started out this 2nd post merely wanting to point out the completely UN-investigative information about 9/11 that is found on a Wikipedia page about PENTTBOM and the FBI’s entire investigation about 9/11. And yet, the unlikely evidence the FBI found – plus their fallacious conclusions – were the entire reason that the U.S. launched 2 wars against Iraq and Afghanistan, in pursuit of Osama bin Laden (who was also a long-time family friend and business associate of former U.S. president George W. Bush and the Bush family).

Below are excerpts from the PENTTBOM Wikipedia page, in case for some reason it changes or disappears (which happened to a lot of webpages and news articles I once posted in my former Surveillance Blog from 2004-2005):

Passports recovered[edit]

According to testimony by Susan Ginsberg, a staff member of the National Commission on Terrorist attacks upon the United States, in the January 26, 2004, Public Hearing:Four of the hijackers’ passports have survived in whole or in part. Two were recovered from the crash site of United Airlines flight 93 in Pennsylvania. These are the passports of Ziad Jarrah and Saeed al Ghamdi. One belonged to a hijacker on American Airlines flight 11. This is the passport of Satam al Suqami. A passerby picked it up and gave it to a NYPD detective shortly before the World Trade Center towers collapsed. A fourth passport was recovered from luggage that did not make it from a Portland flight to Boston on to the connecting flight which was American Airlines flight 11. This is the passport of Abdul Aziz al Omari. In addition to these four, some digital copies of the hijackers passports were recovered in post-9/11 operations. Two of the passports that have survived, those of Satam al Suqami and Abdul Aziz al Omari, were clearly doctored. These passports were manipulated in a fraudulent manner in ways that have been associated with al Qaeda.

WTC site



In case you didn’t know, there are still victims of 9/11’s body parts that are missing or unidentified to this day – 18 years later!! – yet the passports of 3 of these 4 terrorists above, who were allegedly onboard the crashed planes, have survived intact and are readable, with one conveniently found by a passerby on the ground nearby the World Trade Centre.

This FBI PENTTBOM page is possibly the sparsest information I have seen about the World Trade Centre attacks – and it’s on Wikipedia.org. It is actually a perfect mirror of how flawed and completely lacking the FBI investigation into the 9/11 tragedy has been. The irony is, this article blatantly plagiarizes an activist’s now-defunct 9/11 website as being the work of the FBI / PENTTBOM – and yet, that same activist, along with many others, have persistently questioned the very things the FBI and the 9/11 Commission “overlooked” or denied. Moreover, the “[9/11] attacks and crash sites…represented the largest crime scenes [and investigation] in the FBI’s history” – a major disaster that killed almost 3000 at the time, and injured over 6000 – and yet, this PENTTBOM page simply identifies the 19 hijackers and connects them to al Qaeda.

Further reading about 9/11 and the World Trade Centre tragedy:

Journal of 911 Studies

Complete 9/11 Timeline

9/11 Petition

911Truth.org – people who questioned from Day 1

American Activist Carol Brouillet’s website 


If you would like to get an encrypted, ad-free mailbox or use secure communications, check out the following (though I believe security bodies may have ‘back door access’, as I’m seeing now):





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